Looking for DBD friends, Discord: lauraOfc#3321

lauraOfc Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

Hey! I'm Laura, I'm a Dutch & Canadian dbd player just looking for some friends, I can have a fun time playing dead by daylight with. (I currently live in the Netherlands) Honestly I don't really care about about nationality or age. Anyway hook me up on Discord LauraOfc#3321. 1 thing I would like is to call, hope you don't have a problem with that!


  • laurasaxx
    laurasaxx Member Posts: 45

    Would love to play sometimes! Your disc didn't work but - please add me~! I'm Laura too :D :)

    Disc: LauraSaxx

  • Lillythevulpix
    Lillythevulpix Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I was wondering if your still looking for ppl to play with. I been looking to make some friends while enjoy this game! The discord wasnt working for me but here is mine if the offer still stands to play together :D


  • Robyte
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    edited November 2023

    I'd Love to add you, but the friend requests doesnt Go trough, If you are still looking for Players, my DC = robyte

  • squidels2
    squidels2 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Laura,

    Still looking for people? Would love to play and meet new people in the community! I'm a 20-y-o Dutch guy speaking a ton of English for a living.

    My discord is: squidels#9465 (or squidels)