Did BHVR tweak MMR?

Multiple streamers are saying that MMR was changed to become stricter. Is this true BHVR?


  • oxygen
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    I sure haven't noticed any difference, still the mere suggestion it has always been to me.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I don’t know, but if they did change it, I haven’t had a positive experience with it.

    All but one of my survivor matches today were completely one-sided. Every game either the survivors got crushed, or the killer only got 2-3 hooks all game, or fewer. There was no in-between, with the exception of one game which was ok at best.

    After I got tired of that happening, I played 1 killer game and got an easy win because one of the survivors got themselves quickly killed going for sabotage plays twice right after getting off hook both times.

    So, yeah, not great games today. Whether it’s because BHVR changed something or it’s just a coincidence, I couldn’t tell you.

  • Nazzzak
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    Seems the same as always to me. Played 3 games, got steamrolled at 5 gens in two games and killer DCd in the third (not sure why, they had 6 hooks and 3 gens to go so the game could have gone either way but ah well).

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    I don't know about MMR, but my queue times have been really long today for both roles.

  • adsads123123123123
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    I've actually had the same problem. It usually takes less than a minute for me to find killer matches. Now it takes 2-3 minutes. I think that's the MMR trying harder to find similar mmr opponents. Though, I don't notice much difference in the difficulty of my games.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
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    I've not seen any difference.

  • tjt85
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    Maybe? Today has been relatively unsweaty as far as weekends go.

    I've had some pretty terrible Survivor lobbys, though. In one game I got left to die on my first hook and there was absolutely zero sign anyone was gonna come save me. That hasn't happened to me for quite a while.

    Then again, as I almost never survive my trials maybe I should be getting teammates like this at my MMR. None of the Killers I've faced have felt super strong or anything. Just mostly kinda average or kinda chill. I didn't feel like they were wildly unsuitable opponents.

    Later I played some Killer games with my main and did better than I might usually expect. Every match was a 3K or 4K (I lose a lot of games at weekends). Again, I felt like most of the time my opponents were at more or less the level they should be (with one or two newer Survivors mixed in). I had a Yun-Jin in one game that absolutely could have run me for 5 gens if I hadn't been defending well enough.

    I think possibly the teams / opponents are a little more varied in skill level. But there's not been such a huge change that I would say it's definitely been altered or anything. Top level streamers are going to notice dramatic changes in the MMR system compared to a potato grade player like me, though.

    Side note:

    I had a Demo the other day that was absolutely new to the game. Like first game ever new. Didn't use their shred once, had no perks equipped and couldn't down any of us. Even I was able to easily loop / stun them around two very unsafe loops (I am very bad at looping). Everyone in the lobby had purple perks. I felt sorry for them because a new Killer should never have been put in a lobby like that.

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  • Mooks
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    Nope. Pretty much instant lobbies for me still, matchmaking is wild as always, either I stomp them or they stomp me. Rarely a match that feels like it’s actually a game where both sides have a chance. 🤷‍♂️

  • cheetocultleader
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  • Xernoton
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    "In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population and society as a result of rumors and fear." ~ Wikipedia.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I honestly think it is a Placebo or something, basically nothing has changed.

  • edgarpoop
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    Hard to say. My games have felt a bit more difficult on killer, but it's very hit or miss. If I had to guess, they raised the soft cap but still prioritize queue times.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    The more casual player base is probably taking a break after the Halloween event and waiting for Chucky so you might be getting paired with people closer to your MMR because there is less casual players right now.

    For me though it doesn't really feel much different. Some hard, some easy.

  • Venusa
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    The only thing I notice is terrible ping LOL...

  • Yatol
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    When i stop getting matched with players with 3k hours i will believe it.

  • Triplehoo
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    Who? I tried to search these streamers and info about this, but nothing came up. You made this up, didn't you?

  • BooperDooper
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    I've been seeing it a lot, but it seems it's just people feeling like it's stricter, whether there is an actual change is yet to be confirmed.

  • Beatricks
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    Okay, I can actually confirm with a 95% degree of certainty that such a statement cannot possibly be true.

    Why? Because I've actually been keeping tabs!

    During the Halloween event, I played 117 Survivor matches. Out of those, I escaped 4 times, twice with the aid of hatch and twice through the exit gates. That means, that over the course of about two weeks, I've lost 113 trials which is a 96.6% loss rate. Why am I making a joke out of myself? Because besides from the whole pointing at Beatricks and saying "git gud noob" there is the undeniable fact that my MMR should have plummeted to the ground.

    What do we know of the hockey based MM? For one, that once you reach 1600 MMR, you CANNOT go below it, to avoid smurfing (oh the irony, but we will get to that). Now, I've previously played in the same lobbies as: Otzdarva (once as a fellow survivor), Hens (twice, once against his Demo and once as a fellow survivor), Knightlight (twice as a fellow survivor), Tru3 (faced him as a killer) and those are just the names I recognize. This makes me absolutely certain that I have passed the 1600 magical MMR threshold, so now I'm stuck with the big boys/girls/others.

    We also know that 1800 MMR is the soft cap, above that, it is treated in the same manner as exactly 1800 points. There is also a 200 point matchmaking tolerance threshold, so the moment you reach 1600, you can go up against Supalf, Lilith Omen, etc, people who have maxed out their MMR even before that was a thing.

    Yesterday, I had the misfortune of playing against a TTV Blight, whose 194th win in a row included my lobby. Now with 194 consecutive wins, I'm very hard pressed to believe that he was anything underneath 1800. I wouldn't be surprised if he was well above that when he started his win streak.

    So, MMR is working in the same way as it has been. 1800+ high MMR monsters that could potentially win against tourney teams like eternal are sealclubbing 1600~ish little potatoes like myself.

    And while I'm not keeping score now after the event, I can tell you that around 8 out of 10 games is a very easy 4k for the Killer because both me and my teammates go down relatively quickly since most Killers we face are high prestige and also high skill Nurses, Blights, Weskers, Spirits etc. Then we get one or two Killers who struggle for a 1-2k if they can even get it and we are back to BHVR endorsed smurffest.

    Why are Otz and Scott saying this? I saw that Otz had a rough time with Hillbilly on Haddonfield when he couldn't get a single curve or his Dredge game where he got destroyed after making a bunch of mistakes, but none of those teams were even close to some of the killsquads I've seen on Killer, 4xP100 with 4 BNPs and Garden of Pain offering, no weak links, all running the best perks and utilizing checkspots with great expertise in predicting mindgames.* Are we really at a point where if a content creator has a bad day against a team that isn't a complete potato mixture something must be wrong?

    I haven't been watching content creators, so I might be missing vital details here and I would appreciate any links. But the part about tighter matchmaking? Blatantly untrue.

    *= And after playing against a team that feels like Eternal, my next match the first survivor will give up on first hook because I ran Lethal and found them leading to a braindead 4k.

  • Nazzzak
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    Just to clarify - because I don't watch content creators YTs, I only watch their live streams - Otz is saying he think MMR has been tightened simply because he went up against a couple strong teams? If so, then yeah, that's not proof of anything. It sounds like a clickbait video. I'll wait for dev confirmation.

    Edit: hopped on Hens stream and he's talking about it too. I guess they know something we don't? But some people have asked for proof and there apparently isn't any so it seems like it's just observations being made.

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  • Marc_go_solo
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    Nothing out of the ordinary for me. Maybe there has been; maybe it's just a string of luck (or bad luck); or maybe just people over-analysing and making others over-analyse. Someone could say this on any day and, if enough agree, it could cause this thought process.

    Who knows! For me though, my trials have no evidence to back this idea up.

  • Nazzzak
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    Yeah, it's a nice thought. I havent noticed a difference in my games personally - I play chill and I'm facing the usual weekend sweats - so I won't believe it til BHVR confirms.

  • TheSingularity
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    I haven't noticed it either. I've just kinda jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else 😛

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    I don't know if they tweak'ed mmr but i highly doubt. But what is happens i think, casual players ( mostly survivors ) are leaving DbD since they have not fun anymore.

    Like dying is fine but when you just lose and lose countless times, it's no longer fine anymore. Every match killer is tunnelling someone out and then getting their easy 4Ks. Solo and casual SWFs are not getting enough wins. It's really not surprising me to see BP bonus on survivor most times.

    More casual leaves DbD = More sweaty survivors you will face. Nature of matchmaking.

  • Krazzik
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    My killer games have been the same as always. My (very few) solo survivor games have actually been much easier recently.

  • appleas
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    If that is true, that means the average tunneling Killer will start losing to more sweaty players and eventually stop playing.

    That will leave sweats with sweats.

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • Triplehoo
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    What I think has happened is a combination of multiple separate events that happened recently.

    1: TCM was released earlier this year. This caused many players to switch over there, which plummeted the playerbase and the MMR began to fill the games of high ranking players with lower ranks and newbies. This was going on a for a while (summer-fall) and maybe caused them to play more relaxed mudstompers

    2: People lost interest on TCM, which caused some of the players to jump back to DbD

    3: Halloween event happened, which lured more (experienced) players back. MMR started to match high MMR players against players that were closer to their own rank

    4: Stranger Things returned! This caused more people to jump back to the game. The MMR gets more pool to match higher ranking players against each other

    5: Right after ST's glorious return, BHVR announced Chucky, which caused even more people to jump back to the game and now MMR doesn't need to work overtime trying to match what ever it can find from the queue. Now it is matching players against players of their own level/rank.

    I don't think BHVR tweaked anything. It's just fallacy of some Youtubers who are trying to find explanation why they can't steamroll anymore. So basically, mass hysteria.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    I agree that it’s probably because the casual player base is leaving, but I don’t think it’s because survivors are giving up. It’s probably just because the Halloween event ended so the influx of returning players have left and there’s nothing new right now until the next patch. A lot of casual players only play when there’s new content and then leave shortly after.

    The BP bonus is always on killer for me, so I really doubt the player base has shrunk that much but the lack of new content until Chucky releases is probably why people are taking a break.

    I’ve seen this “has MMR changed” panic happen often and it’s always just after or just before a big update. I don’t think anything has changed, the casual players are just taking a break because the hype from the event is gone and there is nothing new right now so it’s only the dedicated player base remaining.

  • tjt85
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    This makes sense to me. I also think players like me can sometimes climb to a higher MMR than they should. I find I win more of my games in between the events and chapter releases. But when stronger players return for the big events, I get absolutely destroyed for the next couple of weeks, which presumably results in being ejected from the top MMR to a more suitable level. Leaving as you say, higher ranking players with only the true higher ranks to play against.

    That said, I did watch Otz play a bit last night and he spent quite a while queuing for a Survivor game only to end up in a lobby that skills wise looked a lot like the ones I'd usually be in. Which does suggest to me that maybe the MMR system might be trying for a little longer to fill a lobby with suitable players (but putting you in the nearest available match if it fails). Could this be the change to the MMR system?

  • EmpireCity830
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    Something I've noticed is that there are some hard days and easy days for killer on rank reset or a couple days after. I know that grades have nothing to do with MMR but it feels like I deal with the same situation every month. I have a day or 2 of sweaty games and a day or 2 of easy games then it goes back to "normal". On survivor side it is harder to tell. Some games are easy and others a little tougher.

    I don't know if MMR gets changed on rank reset day or if it's just me. Grades and MMR have nothing to do with each other but on rank reset day if feels like they are connected in some way. I don't know if there is anyway to prove this theory but I go through this every rank reset.

  • adsads123123123123
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    Scot's theory is that they raised the MMR soft cap, so that extremely high MMR people are more likely to be matched against high mmr people. If this is true, this change would only impact people much higher than the MMR soft cap, which is probably the top 2.5% of players. The reason not all games are harder is that matchmaking still gives easier opponents if they can't find similar mmr opponents in time.

    As someone who 4ks practically every match, I would say that most of my games are still easy but probably once every 4 games, I play against harder survivors.

  • adsads123123123123
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    Looks like your MMR was just too low since BHVR just confirmed they increased the soft cap.

  • Pulsar
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    They've said they raised it, but honestly, not feeling a difference.

    Maybe one in ten matches is a remote challenge, average skill level just isn't high.