The worst type of players

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This has to be the worst type of player I would probably say worse then a hacker. They get mad at the game so they decide to kill themselves on hook then decide to work with the killer and get their entire team killed. I'm sorry but no that is like below levels of just bad while a hacker is bad for basically tormenting the killer it's a lot more rare you see them but a survivor who decides to ruin the game for everyone is worse I'm pulling out the "my fun is their priority" card no I wouldn't pull that card but if your deciding to basically giving up on hook get saved and all of sudden decide to just out all your teammates why? Most people would just go AFK. I won't lie I would rather just accept a bot replace instead because I mean like this is ridiculous. All tonight for it's just been people DCing or pulling this on me like what is going on.


  • Cecaelia
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    I think the worst ones are the ones that work with the killer to screw over their on team.

    Bhvr really needs to start banning them when they are reported.

    The second worse are the ttv people that run up to the killer and start memeing instead of playing the game.

  • Xernoton
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    The worst ones are people to use cheats / exploits to hold you hostage.

    What you described is definitely bad but not quite as bad as having to dc because some dicks glitched themselves into a locker using flashlights.