Is Autodidact any good?

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Hi I'm currently unlocking all survivor perks and was wondering if Autodidact was any good to unlock.


  • Tsulan
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    Its highly RNG. When you get a lot of skill checks, then its absolutely great. But you can also have a full heal without a single skill check.

    So its not meta, but a solid perk, if you can live with the RNG factor.

  • MikeStev
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    Autodidact need aura reading perk to work better, like Empathy or AfterCare. When you reach 5 token, autodidact is the best healing perk.

    Autodidact can counter slow-healing build or slug build of any killer.

    My favorite build for soloQ Autodidact, Reactive Healing, Solidarity, Empathy / After Care

  • Mooks
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    Can definitely be great though yeah.. RNG dependent. Keep in mind it doesn’t work for self heal and not with medkits when you use it.

  • Caiman
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    It's unreliable but it's a useful counter against killers running Mangled perks and add-ons. I think it should be tweaked to be more forgiving, though.

  • UndeddJester
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    Hahahaha, I love this perk.... it's simultaneously very fun and a bloody annoying... when you get it going it is awesome, but when you go 2 full healing cycles without a skillcheck it is ungodly irritating xD

    I like to pair it with Empathetic Connection, so I get 10% healing speed to offset the initial token build up while also not being so fast that I can't get skillchecks, and ofc injured survivors can come to me whenever they want healing. This helps the initial stacks, and also makes you the heal bot when you're up and running.

    Honestly a buff to increase the chance of skillchecks by say 10% or so would make me very happy :D

    Autodidact is worth levelling up for though, because along with it you also get Deliverance, which is an amazing perk.

  • jesterkind
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    I think so, yes. It's a little bit random, since it relies on skill checks, but those happen frequently enough that it never feels like the perk is useless.

    It's good against something like Sloppy Butcher, too. Longer heals just means more chances to get that sweet sweet skillcheck to gain a stack or blitz through the heal.

    Running it with Empathy is a strong combo. You've got solid info on your team's whereabouts in general, and you've got the ability to run to a nearby injured teammate if there's an opportunity.

  • Crowman
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    It's really good at countering anti-healing builds and if you are playing with friends it's not too bad to coordinate heals to build the stacks.

    But if you're playing solo it can be quite challenging to get the stacks for it to be effective. Also killers aren't really running with a lot of anti-heal tools so the overall value of the perk is okay atm.

  • zarr
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    Autodidact is fairly bad, it can even come out to be detrimental to have equipped it instead of using nothing whatsoever, as the first two skill checks incur a heal regression.

    It is not at all consistently possible to even get to heal people enough to have a chance to get tokens, but even if you do, it is RNG-based due to being tied to skill checks. And then even if you did heal enough and got enough skill checks to end up with 5 tokens, you then still rely on RNG to actually get more skill checks during further heals for it to do anything. And those skill checks also have to happen during the first 8 seconds of a heal, as with every passing second after that the 50% heal progression makes less and less of a difference.

    And then even at its best of times where you do end up healing people and getting 5 tokens and also get to heal more people thereafter and get more skill checks in the first 8 seconds during those heals, it's not like the perk saves an incredible amount of time. You can consider yourself lucky to even get into this position where you are healing with 5 tokens and get skill checks in the first 8 seconds of those heals, that it then comes out to save 16-24 seconds since you ended up actually getting a full 50% healing progression on 2-3 heals is... lackluster, to say the least. It can of course be situationally impactful, but it won't be in a pure "roundtime saved" calculation, and in many cases it will really only feel good rather than make an actual, notable difference in the match when compared to the alternative of simply spending 8 more seconds healing in those instances.

    I would however not say it's a dead perk. For one thing it's simply fun to gamble, those good feelings it can cause are satisfying. And at least when you are gambling on this perk you may actually get some decent value out of it too. For another, Mangled and Hemorrhage are omnipresent, and Autodidact can be really nice against these. Not only does the time saved on heals matter more the longer the heal would otherwise have taken of course, but Hemorrhage allows you to reliably get 5 tokens on a singular heal, by simply letting go of the heal repeatedly, having it regress, and starting over, until you have gotten enough skill checks. In cases where the killer plays a hit-and-run or gen-cluster-defense strategy, you can become the dedicated healer for your group with Autodidact and really make a difference.

    Still, like so many perks, it clearly could do with buffs. A simple one would be to make every skill check grant 10% per token, as well as to slightly increase the skill check triggering chances. Another, more interesting one would be to have Autodidact also apply to self-heal interactions, only that it would lose 1 token on every skill check in those instances, after granting the respective progression bonus.

  • brokedownpalace
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    No. It can be incredibly strong if you're lucky but mostly it'll barely help at all or even be a hindrance. I don't have a problem with the perk existing though because I think it's kind of fun to play into that risk/reward gamble and I like when the devs try different things.

  • bobateo
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    Depends on your preference. If you really like healing, high luck based perks, and perks that can range from detrimental if used to amazing, then you'll find it fun.

    Personally, I like autodidact and find it fun, but it has some major downsides too that can't be ignored. Here's roughly what I've found when using the perk from most common to least.

    1. You'll generally struggle to get to get three stacks (the point where the perk starts paying off), maybe 4, and when you factor in the time sink of getting first 2 stacks, the perk rarely pays off. I have gone more than 2 sloppy butcher slowed heals and gotten exactly 0 skill checks. If you're soloQ, chances are you're going to end up 'competing' for heal time. That could mean someone else doing the heal completely, healing with you (which reduces your chances to get a skill check) and/or is running healing perks that further reduce your healing & skill check opportunities. You pretty much have to purposely 'farm' heals to get stacks unless you get incredibly lucky.
    2. The first 2 stacks are incredibly risky. Ideally, you should be at full health and ready to take hits/protect the person you're healing in case the Killer finds you or has another method to interrupt your heal. If you find yourself at/near endgame and you haven't gotten those 2 stacks out of the way yet, you're more than likely a detriment to your team if you try to heal anyone at this point.
    3. You might get 3-4 stacks and that's it, even if you heal more people after.
    4. You get 5 stacks, but get no more skill checks. This, IMO is the worst feeling lol.
    5. You get stacks 4-5, but they come near the end of a heal, meaning you never get the time save that makes the perk worth it.
    6. And finally.... not only do you get five stacks, but they come in super handy. You're healing everyone incredibly fast because not only do you have the stacks, but most of your skill checks are coming early enough in the heal to really pay off. I've had maybe a handful of games that come close to this and only 1 or 2 where I felt like I was the unspoken healing cleric that kept my team up and running with relative ease.

    Still, it can be really fun and should you get a game with a big pay off, it'll be memorable.

  • radiantHero23
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    It's kinda like huntress lullaby. Generally bad. But fun.

  • Devil_hit11
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    Autodidact boils down to one particular question.

    How often are you healing other survivors per match?

    If the answer is 4 or more times, Autodidact is the perk for you.

    If the answer is you heal once or twice per match, Autodidact is terrible perk.

    I would not unlock it unless you are specifically trying heal entire team for entire game.

  • Firellius
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    It's not a good perk. I'd say that, in terms of its efficiency, it's in the vicinity of stuff like Potential Energy and No Mither, in that it -could- help you out... But it's more likely to royally screw you over. You need at least five skillchecks to be able to break even on this perk, and you need more than that if you want it to actually benefit you. There's certain circumstances that can make it work a bit better, but in general, while it's super satisfying to slam out half a health bar in a single check, it's just going to happen so very rarely. And it's really going to get in your way in other situations.

    It needs an update that can reduce its reliance on luck a little bit.

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    its good when i get home i will run some for ya

    just take your pick on the killer

  • Azulra
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    Autodidact is really good(and is a strong counter to Sloppy Butcher), but it is RNG-based.

  • Ayodam
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    Go for Desperate Measures, Botany Knowledgez, and/or We’ll Make It. More consistent and better value over all.

  • RaSavage42
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    Bad at the start

    But when you get tokens it gets better

    At 5 tokens it's the best healing perk in the game

    It's vary RNG heavy