Unique animations of running, wounding, crawling for survivors

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I've been playing dbd for several years, and I'm very tired of this one animation of survivors for everyone. After a few games it looks very dated


  • pigslittlepet
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    It would be nice if they gave at least the licensed survivors unique animations. And maybe several different ones for originals depending on what hook stage they are when they are down.

  • Spicex
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    Also for each maniac to add one or more additional animations of breaking the generator, breaking boards and walls, lifting survivors, and blows. And use them unevenly. 70% probability of normal animation, 20% of rare animation, 7% of very rare and 3% of the rarest.

    It'll freshen up the game, liven it up.

    Also fix "tea bag", when survivors can quickly squat several times. In CS2 it fixed that if the second time to squat immediately after the first, squatting will be very slow, and the third time will not be able to squat at all, and to be able to squat again must pass a few seconds