What’s with survivors lately?

Why is almost every game the same, it’s either me or my friend getting chased a lot these past days but not even 1 solo Q teammate wants to take aggro while they are hooked 0x times.. and then they have the nerve to tbag the Killer at the gate like they did something like bro, all you did is gens, i bet if you would have taken chase you wouldn’t have lasted more then 10 sec.. I don’t care about escaping but this is HAPPENING way too often these past weeks and I’m so sick of it. It’s really rare to see altruistic solo Q survivors.

I had a game today against a Pinhead on Ormond and someone was playing as Chris Redfield, I simp a lot for him and would do anything for him to escape that trial so I died for him but he was a really good player and juiced up 😄

is this for also happening a lot for other survivor players? Teammates that never get chased or start hiding immediately when they hear the terror radius or don’t take hits when someone is death hook and they are hooked 0x?


  • Grigerbest
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    Taking aggro for death hook teammates is a crucial part of teamplay.

    Survivors not participating in a chases - commonly losing in any matches unless they found a hatch (which is stupid).

    It's a very selfish gameplay, no one will "pat" you on a head for doing so.

    And I don't understand how it could be fun to hide and do gens for a whole match. It makes no sence to me, since DBD is a game about "interaction" between survivors and killers.

  • radiantHero23
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    The interaction is also lacking in my games.

    But in these kind of games, 3 gens pop in 90 seconds.

  • Grigerbest
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    I mean, if a killer chasing someone for 2-3 min, it's the killer's fault they losing 3 gens at the beggining. xD

    In such matches you (survivor) don't need to do anything aside from gens.

    I was talking about situations, where you haven't been hooked even once, but your teammates are on death hook. They should take chases and give their team some time to do gens, aside from being a selfish twat, hiding and hoping for a hatch.

    It's not what you call: - "Being a team player".

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
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    This has been a recurring issue for years. Survivors really do be doing more damage to the overall performance of the team than even the killer s lot of the time. lol

  • UnusedAccount
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    Obviously we should force Killers have to 2hook everyone before they can kill.

    It ain't the Survivor's fault for wanting to survive after all.

  • Yatol
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    Because in soloq nobody trusts anyone.

  • Nazzzak
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    I'm used to it at this point. There's usually at least 1 who will be healthy and never hooked, and they'll still leave their team mates in the dust. I just played a game where I was healing up and a healthy Feng comes running through with the killer not far behind her, sees me, and instead of turning around and leading the killer away (even at the risk of a hit, not guaranteed) she just keeps running past me leaving me in between her and the killer. In endgame it was the two of us left and she got hooked and I opened the exit gate. Could have left but opted to go back in to unhooked her. I went down and she didn't reach the gate, but killer dropped me at the exit after he hooked her which was nice.

    The temptation to just leave her was there but I'd just left another game where a Claire opened the exit gate and left while I was hooked and another survivor was trying to save me. The Claire also hid most of the game and barely did a thing. But for every bad team mate there's always good ones in there. I remind myself of that often.

  • radiantHero23
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    I play Pig. I HAVE to get a down. 3 gens in doesn't mean I lose. The game gets slowed down drastically. For other killers, I agree.

    Dbd survivor is a team game. It's sad that so many people forget that.

  • TheycallmeLix
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    Sometimes playing Killer can be difficult. And that really sucks a lot cuz this selfishness from solo Q teammates really makes me stop playing for the rest of the day, it’s very frustrating 😤

  • ratcoffee
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    There's another thread up on these forums telling people to just hit gens if someone is being tunneled. Clearly there's two competing philosophies here

    -Try to take aggro to de-tunnel a teammate

    -Hit gens if someone is getting tunneled so that you can try to ensure a 3 out

    I think the people who refuse to take hits think they're playing with this second philosophy in mind, and when they teabag at the end they think they're communicating the idea "haha you tunneled and all the gens still got done, get dunked on sweaty loser." There's certainly some games where that's applicable but I agree those people often end up looking like they're teabagging after getting carried, and there are far more games where the killer would be willing to switch chase to a fresh survivor instead of chasing the same one

  • radiantHero23
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    Just had a game where I hooked someone only for them to get unhooked instantly the moment I left.

    Then I came back and the only one I found was the hooked survivor. I looked around and couldnt fine one. So I went for them again. Down hook. Same thing happened. Then I literally let the unhooked person escape just to check the area for ANYONE else. After about 12 seconds I finally found them.

    This is impressive.

    Taking agro is part of the team game. I could have made this into a 3v1 at 4 gens remaining.

    I dont get why survivors do this. I dont want to tunnel from the get go. I want to go for chases. But if they hide and the only one I find is the hooked survivor I will go for them because what else am I supposed to do.

    Luckily this doesn't happen that often.

  • TheycallmeLix
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    We all been there, but at the end we try to play the nice way, same thing happens to me broski! I just go for other survivors but then they go tbag me at the gates like bro.. I could have tunneled your bad looping at 5-4 gens but I played nice, why do you have to tbag. And then it makes me understand more and more why we see Nurse and Blight almost every survivor match. Dumb survivors, stop tbagging low tier Killers, be happy that you see them once in a while since nobody wants to get looped/bullied for eternity.