I'm getting ready to take a break from this game. I love that they brought back the stranger things chapter but I'm sick of playing Hawkins every match. Just played 7 matches in a row on it. I'm just trying to have fun as killer, not have survivors wiggling on a pallet so I pickup instead of breaking it and abusing every loop. Not to mention weskers dash just doesn't work through certain doors. It genuinely feels untouched from its first release, at least to me. I love the game, but Jesus H Christ if I'm trying to just farm blood points for demogorgon I don't want to play purely unfair and unfun games. I can't keep burning sacrificial wards because I'm out. And I'm sick of survivors constantly just trying to piss you off. Like that's not fun gameplay. Not to mention the salty chats I get in my psn messages all the time. And the hate speech I've gotten for having pride flags on. I'm kinda just sick of the toxic-ness of the game.


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    It is but it is a very different type of killer sided map. Almost every pallet is unsafe. But there is almost always two or three more unsafe pallets nearby. So it rewards mind games and reads for both sides. This makes it killer sided because they only need to win twice for a down. Also there is a Wesker interaction with the hazard paint on some of the floor. It must have a slight change in elevation because it stops Weskers dash immediately.

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    I mean I'm obviously in favour of them fixing killer-specific bugs on this map, a few killers have been released since it got removed so it makes sense there'll be a few bugs, and yeah those need to be fixed.

    Even with a bug like that though, Wesker would still have a FAR better time on Hawkins than like half the other maps in the game, seems odd to specifically complain about it when Garden of Joy and Badham exist.

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    That highly depends on the killer you're playing.

    Trickster? There's almost no room to dodge knives and the walls make it harder to tell where he's coming from. After his buff next patch the map will easily be a free win for him 99% of the time.

    Hillbilly? You can barely go 5 meters without bumping into a wall. There's so many corners that the only time you'll be hitting people with your chainsaw is at point-blank range. And there's loads of incredibly safe pallets to make doing this very difficult.

    Overall, it's a super polarising map. And a map that entirely invalidates certain killers whilst empowering others is bad for the game.

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    Well, they didn't change anything besides Trappers traps no longer glitching into the ground, so there will be a few things to work out still. Especially with newer killers that have been released while Hawkins was gone. I trust them to fix these one by one. Maybe even give the map a bit of an update because it's quite obviously a remnant of a very different DBD.

    7 matches back to back on that map shouldn't happen though. The map repeat prevention is still a thing, isn't it? So that should make this impossible. Might be a bug.

    Some small advice to dealing with Hawkins because it sounds like you could need it. First off, Wesker doesn't work on that map. Yet. There are quite a few issues with the doorways that need to be sorted out. With other killers, you will notice that there are many pallets but only few of them are actually strong. Only break the pallets that you absolutely can't play around and leave the rest as it is. This will often give you easy hits because survivors will run towards pallets that aren't all that strong. Additionally, you can make this map really nasty by giving up the hardest to defend gens and focusing on what you can contest. Not saying you should play for a 3 gen from start to finish but you don't need to defend every gen.

    When it comes to dealing with frustration in DBD, I recommend meme builds. You know you're at a disadvantage, so you can just focus on making the build work. Maybe try a killer you've never played before or that you aren't very familiar with. Who cares, if you lose a match? It's much more important to have fun.

    The toxicity in end game is a serious issue though. I don't know why but DBD has an issue with sore winners way much than sore losers. I find it helps to reflect on how I played in these situations. If they are calling you names, then report them and go on. They don't know you and they obviously want to make you miserable. There is no reason for you to give them that power.

    If nothing helps, then take a break from DBD. Most of us have done it and there is no shame in it. Maybe your passion for DBD will return after a while. If not, then it can't be helped.

    Anyways, best of luck.

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    That's more an issue with Hillbilly, indoor maps in general are really bad for him, Huntress too and Nurse (though it's still Nurse so not really an issue for her). Yes I should have specified I guess but for like 90% of the killers is killer-sided.

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    I appreciate the advice. Sorry I kinda forgot about this post. I probably will take a break honestly, garden of joy combined with the fact that I can't even play survivor cuz no one I know plays anymore (I refuse to solo queue), as well as the sore winners, kinda makes me want to just take a step back. I'll probably just take a couple weeks and wait for the chucky hype to die down. Every single game has been him today as survivor with my bf and it burned me out especially bad. Killer queue times are crazy as well.

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    Unless you are a god nurse you will get destroyed on Hawkins, the amount of different paths the survivors can take make it super easy to not get followed, but sure if you reached a certain level of mastery you will still win, unless the other side is equally skilled