Somethings a lot of you really need to hear about this game

Once you accept these things i'm about to type you will enjoy this game and probably life a lot more.

1) Rapid crouching in a video game can't hurt you. Stop crying about it like someone is beating you up.

2) Being tunneled is an annoying strategy but killers find being flashy saved/bodyblocked annoying, accept they're both apart of the game instead of letting it tilt you

3) Your choice to sweat is your own not anybody elses, as a result if you go vs people who also sweat don't complain. The reason you get Nurse/Blight every game is because you bring 4 meta perks and map offerings/items and the reason you get SWF swat teams is because you play Nurse/Blight 9/10 games or just tunnel someone out and slug for 4ks

4) This isn't an Esport. Your "win" means nothing to anybody but you. This game has no defined win/lose condition and has no way for you to show off how "good" you are outside of gameplay. Despite this for some reason people have the biggest egos in this game over "winning"

5) Prestige means you like a character not that you're good at them. Idk how this hasn't sunk in yet.

6) You can take a break from DBD it won't hurt you. I really don't get the addiction to playing this game. I personally enjoy talking about it/watching it but i've never been unable to stop playing for months at a time. There are other games that exist other than DBD you don't have to dedicate your life to something you "hate" and has "stupid developers"

7) Just because a streamer says something doesn't make it right/true. This goes for anything in life, stop putting streamers on pedestals, not everything they say/do is the way everyone should play the game.

8) Any argument or justification for something can be made by the other side and be fair. The "us vs them" mentality in this game is insane. You can't play survivor/killer without killer/survivor existing. Any reason you find to sweat, or do something the otherside would find unfun then they can do the exact same to you.

9) Building onto #8 Play. Both. Sides. DBD has TWO (I know this is shocking to a lot of you) sides to it not just one. Refusing to play one side severely limits your perception of the game and its balance. If you don't play killer you don't get a good grasp of their CD's and their power limitations. If you only play killer you don't understand clearly how oppressive or weak a certain killer or set of addons are. You miss out on a lot of info only playing one side and it hinders the way you play

10) Stop suiciding on hook just because something didn't go your way immediately. Even if you notice your team is a lost cause and there's no hope. Coming off hook and sitting on a gen immediately (even if the killer comes right back to tunnel you) is more useful than dying on hook. There's no reason (especially near the end of the game like why do people do this) to ######### on hook and deny yourself BP which is the only thing you have to gain at the end of the match anyway