As a DBD console player, it really sucks...


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    Well, it's a kind of give and take really, and I'd be wary of "the grass is greener".

    Advantages of PC: -

    • More fluent and customisable control schemes in mouse and keyboard.
    • Free online, usually with dedicated servers (though someone has to maintain that server).
    • Ability to update components in PCs with modern specifications to maximise game performance.
    • Games generally cheaper and usually updated sooner, with a larger catalogue of indy/small developer titles. Also test servers.
    • Third party components as standard business model, allowing highly customisable or even cheaper set ups over console.

    Disadvantages of PC: -

    • Very high up front cost and need to constantly reassess system specifications. Developers are not necessarily forced to optimise as heavily on PC, also placing more demand on greater specs.
    • Disparity of player systems, giving players with more expensive rigs an inherent and almost unavoidable advantage.
    • Signficantly harder systems to protect against hackers/cheaters, and a constant arms race for all PC developers.
    • Considerable maintenance required and possibility for compatability issues due to a wide catalogue of drivers and software able to cause unexpected conflicts and issues.

    PC's are the best systems you can have for gaming, without question... However they require constant maintenance and have to deal with a lot of crap like hackers and system breaking bugs that consoles don't typically need to bother with (issues are usually resolved on PC and then arrive on cnsole with the fix already in it).

    Consoles in my opinion generally resolve a lot of the more annoying problems you face on PC, but come with less freedom and customisation, and usually, with an overall cheaper gaming experience (anyone who says otherwise also seems to forget their £1000 graphics card they installed last month after selling their existing one from the month before 2nd hand for £200 xD) . If you have the patience and the bank roll to fund a PC, it's great, but if you just wanna play, console is better.

    On console you never have to spend 2 hours reading forums for clues on how to reproduce an issue, and then another 2 more reading through batch files in a cloud system to discover some mook didn't bother checking his ERRORLEVEL values when he tried to copy your game data to send to the cloud, then blindly just going ahead and deleting your original save after the copy failed when you close the game... 3 times in a row... I'm not bitter Ubisoft! >.<

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    Yeah I was deliberately skipping over cross play... 😏

    Crossplay is nice... console gets all the benefits of dedicated servers, which is great. I've seen people say the game was better before dedicated servers... but... no... honestly PtP frigging sucks, and I refuse to listen to any argument to the contrary. I remember when I would scoff at a server higher than 30 ping... wouldn't touch a server higher than 50. Now it's a good day if i get less than 90 on most games... 😫

    However of course that does also mean we get to sample the fruit of hackers/cheaters as well... At least regardless of our differences... PC/Console gamers stand united in hating those swines above all others. I'd use a stronger term... but I've been done twice for being too loose with my tongue already in the forums 🤣

    EDit: OFC to anyone who is still on a last gen console... please do yourself a favour and buy a PS5... Xbox if you have to, but either way, it's so much better on PS5 than PS4.

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    The main things i remember from playing on console was the constant Frame drops, and how certain killers were essentially unplayable with a controller, Trickster most notably

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    man i play on an xbox one and its fine

    its been years of this one console i was very young when i got it so it does have its own problems

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    To your point about the prior gen machines, it should be remembered the vast majority of the playerbase is on the consoles. And something like half of those are still toiling away on those older models worldwide, primarily the PlayStations.

    This and things like M&K support and Cross Progression all keep being brought up mostly because of the glaring disparity in game performance. That performance should not be as drastic and pronounced as it is between super strong PC's and well everything else, including lower end PC's.

    And shout out to our precious Switch cousins they're the real heros! 🤪❤️

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    Had to demonstrate my credentials as a console gamer... can't not bash the other side... it's like the law 😝

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    It is (kinda) possible to buy a gaming PC for less than the cost of a new games console. I was very lucky to find an old home office PC for £30 in a local charity shop to upgrade. Then I bought a cheap second hand GTX 1050 TI graphics card (lots of these about now that crypto has collapsed) and a couple of other parts (memory, an I5 processor, SSD). Cost me about £150 to put together.

    The PC itself is about 10 years old now but still a suprisingly decent gaming machine, so long as you don't expect to be playing any current triple A titles. Down side is that Windows 10 won't be supported beyond 2025 and I doubt Valve will support Steam on Windows 10 for much long after.

    But you are right, playing DBD on this relatively modest gaming PC is so much better than playing on a Switch (I should know, I play on both platforms). The Switch version has more chapters included than PC, which softens the blow of paying a yearly subscription a little bit.

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    Unfortunately dedicated servers arnt the fix all alot of people were hoping for. I tried playing a game as Singularity yesterday to see if it was as horrible to play on Console as I've heard. It DID suck... but one thing that just made the match worse was a 600+ ping Meg who kept teleporting. Game felt less like Hide and seek/Tag and more like Wack a mole. I'd lunge and see the Meg appear 10 meters in a different direction.

    I've played on PC, Switch and currently on PS5 and honestly... all I'm really asking for anymore is KB/M support. Blows my mind that I can plug in a keyboard to type in a chatbox, but can't play with it. The same console that can handle a VR Headset as an added accessory can't handle a USB mouse? Make it make sense Sony!!!

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    Don't forget the PlayStation price hike we got as well! Can't wait to see all the good monthly games were gonna get. -_-

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    Sounds like you'll need both Sony and BHVR together to make M&K support happen for DBD.

    I know there's an adapter for the PlayStations to get a keyboard to work on the PS4 for this game, something for like $240 USD. Dunno if it works for the PS5, but I do know it doesn't work too well for Xbox.

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    They could make that you don‘t need ps+ like Fortnite and Apex etc.

    Fortnite didn‘t require it since the start.

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    Fortnite is the same on Switch. Problem is, Fortnite probably sells consoles for Sony and Nintendo, which no doubt gives Epic a lot of leverage to make their game free on both platforms. The same can't really be said of a niche game like DBD.

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    Console players can just turn off the crossplay and the waiting time in the lobby is not that much tbh.

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    I forgot to mention this is about PS Plus

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    Then DBD should go F2P as well, it sucks having to pay a monthly subscription on PS5 just to be able to access online multiplayer, while PC players have online multiplayer for free

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    What does that have to do with BHVR/DBD...

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    Yeah it's the big thing that puts me off ever playing online console games. Charging more just to be able to play online is disgusting.

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    Some of you should consider hardwiring and getting a Wi-Fi booster!

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    I mean you will pay for any online game, it's not on BHVR. It's just Sony and Microsoft are still selling online services in 2023 , it should be free

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    Xbox has Game Pass, so this really isn't an issue for everyone. The most annoying part is all of the damn dlcs you HAVE to buy because DbD is BHVR's biggest cash cow.

    Edit: I now realize what you're talking about, but it doesn't bother me at all that we may have to pay to play online since if you pay for the subscription service usually games are free with it. It's almost like Netflix or something similar.

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    That's fault of console gamers as consumers. You accepted without complaining to be charged for a non-existent service with the excuse that you were getting "free" games in return. It is one of those situations in which there is no turning back.

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    Then buy PC