Dredge's Nightfall... Chanting? What Exactly Are The Lore Implications Of It?

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,639

I started playing Dredge again, and normally during Nightfall, you hear the darkness and souls that formed the Dredge screaming out and it rapidly gets more intense as Nightfall starts to end (both as a way to amplify the feeling Nightfall creates but also to act as an indicator for Nightfall ending).

But I started to notice that when you swing and hit/down a Survivor, youll hear the souls chanting. Which makes me question, if they are in such agony, why do they chant on the Dredge when someone is getting closer to death?

In Dredge's Mori, the Survivors are consumed by the darkness entirely and removed from the normal realm. Perhaps the souls are chanting out because despite their misery, they want more people to join them?

Perhaps such a small detail is a bit more morbid the more you think about it.

Idk, what do yall think about it?