So when will The Game map be changed?


The amount of pallets is just not okay. It's nearly impossible to win as an M1 killer and killers like Billy can't even really use their power because the loops have weird bits that stick out making curving impossible. It's such a horrible map that basically plays itself for Survivors.


  • adam1233467
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    This map needs a entire rework, this map has so many pallets because this map have 3 windows basically, so they need to make this map more like lerys which has a lot of windows and pallets as well but weaker pallets to compensate

  • TheTom20
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    when i last played in 4 man it was basically pre drop to victory on that map an hope the killer doesn't dc before the match ends. M1 killers just to hope for 2 or 3 bad survivors really.

  • Tatariu
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    It's honestly less about the number of pallets, but instead the gameplay it encourages. There is no mind-gamming the majority of pallets. So there's a huge discrepancy between how Killers with anti-loop abilities perform, verse how Killers without anti-loop abilities perform.

    The best thing BHVR could do with Gideon's Meat Plant is rework the tiles so that they're playable in an interactive way for both Survivors and Killers. The map could also use a handful more window-loops as well. Once all the pallets are gone, Survivors sort of just die and that's not very interesting.

    It's a problematic map for both sides and I wish it could be changed ASAP.

  • adsads123123123123
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    Borgo is still worse.