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The plank textures on the window in the shack are NOT shot through, It's like there's a solid invisible texture. Is this the way it is designed now or a bug?

Killer: Deathslinger, Huntress, Trickster

Map: Macmillan, mb and another. Im doesnt tested

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Hey there! Please provide more information when you are able; such as platform playing on, and maps in which this is occurring. Thank you!


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    I have done some testing on this today, both the boarded window next to the vaultable window and the boarded window opposite it now have collision on the gaps where they did not before. From my testing this seems to be the only shack affected, as I have tested all other Realms (not necessarily every map) where you have gaps like this on Shacks and they all play as normal. I have done my testing on Steam PC.

    While on a similar note, there were some broken glass windows on Azarov's Resting Place main building you used to be able to fire through but this does not seem to be the case anymore.