Can't use items against Onryo

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This may be a feature that survivors are unable to use normal items while holding a special item. I'm aware that it's usually only a mild inconvenience because you can drop special item and then pick it back up.

However with Onryo the correct counterplay to her power is always holding a tape so as not to gain passive condemn stacks. While you hold a tape you can't use toolbox, medkit or flashlight so it completely negates your item. So if you're counterplaying Onryo correctly you're itemless the whole game.

This problem is only made worse if she also has Iridescent Videotape addon and denies the opportunity to get rid of the tape.

Special items were added to prevent this issue from happening, so I assume it's a design flaw. Please look into this.

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Another user has already provided an explanation. Closing report.


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    This is intended, the reason the special items were split was to make it so you didn't have to drop your normal items to interact with killer powers. In this case not being able to use items is the downside of grabbing & holding a tape.

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    Thank you for clarification. If so, this side effect is pretty strong and lacks sufficient visual representation imo. It should either show your item grayed out when holding a special one or allow to switch between them. Right now it's kind of clunky and confusing.

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