Chucky hits an invisible wall

bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 179
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Sometimes when I go for a hit ill be in the open and it is like I am hitting an invisible wall! Its very common. Happens in basic attacks and hidey ho



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  • bornagain234
    bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 179
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    Sorry I dont have my own clip, I always have the usernames on and im not allowed to show clips like that.

    Here it is happening to otz, exact same thing happens to me. Video is linked at the time it happens.

  • WashYourHands
    WashYourHands Member Posts: 187

    I was going to make a new thread but I saw this. It happened to me as well. This time on Wretched Shop. It can't be a map dependent bug; it's likely Chucky but here it was.

  • Digfish
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    This has been happening to me as well. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm going to record a few matches and see if I can catch it. I did see another youtube video where it happened to Killa Whale as well, though he just shrugged it off and didn't see it as a bug since he was near walls/obstacles. But there are times where there is abolutely nothing nearby and I will still hit an invisible wall when I swing. It's cost me downs and whole games. It's like I will lunge for a hit and collide with something just before getting to the survivor. I think it's also happened with slice and dice a few times too.

  • WashYourHands
    WashYourHands Member Posts: 187

    i think was fixed in the latest patch? said something like chucky was hitting the ground