Tome 16 page 3, Epilogue node active without any challenges done.

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Platform: PC

Description: Had not played since page 3 of Tome 17 was made active (as in did not do any challenges on it) and decided to go the fast route to have page 4 unlocked before doing any other challenges, did not realize that the node connected above the Challenge "Shutdown" was an Epilogue node, there is a 2nd Prologue node that is unactive on the challenge web and the mentioned Epilogue node was active with no challenges being completed at all. I personally don't remember getting the rift fragments for page 3 when it was first active and only noticed the duplicate nodes after claiming the far bottom right Epilogue node on Page 3 and that nothing was awarded. It does seem on other forums that other's have experienced this and have not recieved the rift fragments attached to the epilogue node.

Reproduction: Without a new account this can't be reproduced.

Occurance: Unknown?

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