Chucky is what we wanted for Legion to be

and it still can. Of course, there will need to be something to differentiate them and maintain their identity. Chucky will have his stealth and to not alienate the current Legion userbase, I propose that instead of Legion having the stealth component like Chucky's Hidey-Ho, Legion will return to being 4.4m/s (like way back in the day) and when entering into Frenzy, you have 14 seconds like the original to vault over pallets and windows. Then you can dash to hit a survivor. Along with vaults resetting the dash, hitting a survivor will reset the dash unless you aren't holding m2 which is when the power will prematurely end. This can be used to chain injuries and EVEN downs should they all be grouped up. (Theoretically if they're all together and all injured, you could down every single one of them if they don't scatter immediately like they should.) We lost out heavily on what they could've been and this would be what forever cements Legion as a fun killer with insane potential (even more so than Chucky as Legion has the capability to chain dash hits).