PC - Visual Bug - Jeff's "Night Shift Pyjamas" Set Rarity

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There is a visual bug with Jeff's "Night Shift Pyjamas" cosmetic set as part of the "Cozy Break" collection. The cosmetic set appears as "Rare" even though it should be "Very Rare," which it was when it was released.

Step 1: Go into the shop, in Jeff's cosmetic selection

Step 2: Notice that his "Night Shift Pyjamas" set is "Rare" even though it still costs 1080 auric cells

This bug occurs every time I boot up the game and go in-shop. Others have encountered this bug as I've found out in a discussion forum. Not sure if it's exclusive to PC or is just a problem with the shop.

Bellow is a video showcasing the cosmetic when it was first added to the game (as it should be.) There are also screenshots showing how it looks in-game now (the improper way.)

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