BHVR please add dynamic bloody prestige

It is clear that you are able to do a bloody prestige effect on any cosmetic you want, proven by the Nemesis' contamination on Survivors which already looks really good.

I would love to have some legendary characters bloody prestiged, this would allow that.


  • OnryosTapeRentals
    OnryosTapeRentals Member Posts: 523

    We've been asking for this for so long. Please make it happen!

    Nemesis' contamination, Plague's sickness, Wesker's infection, Singularity's slipstream, etc. all prove that it's possible for them to do.

  • Rogue11
    Rogue11 Member Posts: 1,181

    They tested this on a PTB a few years ago. It was really cool. And then they just removed it and pretend it never existed. 😕

  • Rogue11
    Rogue11 Member Posts: 1,181

    To be precise the test was adding more blood decals to survivors as they took hits throughout the match. Not exactly what you asked for but imo even better.