A serious suggestion to alleviate pain points and frustration

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I know the title might sound like i am being sarcastic but i am not.

This is a serious suggestion by a killer main player. My wording will be slightly sarcastic for the reader's amusement in some places, but the core suggestions are 100% serious.

Now, we all know that Survivors are dealing with lots of frustrations on a daily basis.

Proxy camping, slugging, 3 gen strat, being sacrificed, pesky killer perks and addons in general.

It is just so frustrating to be a survivor in DBD.

However, there is a solution for this. Tweaking the objectives for both Killers and Survivors to alleviate any pain points.

New Survivor objective: 100% escape, all the time, no matter what happens (i will explain how)

New Killer objective: Being the entertainer for the survivors in matches. (will also be explained)

The new concept will solve any issues with Solo Q Survivor matches and will not change much for SWFs. Both will be equal. It will also take care of MMR because it will no longer be needed.

Killer/Survivor Perks do not have to be changed at all.

Killers can still chase, hook and slug survivors "but" whenever there is an instance where a survivor would be sacrificed like being put on a hook while being on deathhook the survivor will get a small popup if they want to be sacrificed or not. If they chose no, an automatic decisive strike will activate. If the killer would chase them down and attempt another hook the same prompt would appear for the survivor. If the survivor would choose yes, then they would be sacrificed. In short the survivors have full control about what happens to them. Same with Mori, same prompt. If the survivor would choose no then the mori would be denied and they would instantly be put in the injured state with endurance status and haste (comparable to when being uhooked). Every Killer perk/addon combination that would lead to survivors dying would be detected, like bloodwarden/no way out strats etc and survivors would get a prompt to spawn hatch "if" they want to.

The entire survivor gameplay could be fixed with these prompts. No more complaints or frustrations because survivors would have full control over what happens to them. They can play as casual or as sweaty as they want for the sake of it. And if they think the killer earned a sacrifice by playing fair and balanced, they can grant the reward by being generous.

And killer players "could" be substituted by killer bots, or they could still play as killer if they want to under these conditions.

This might seem like a pretty drastic suggestion but think about it. This would remove tons and tons of complaints, balancing issues. This would give devs time to focus more on artwork, creating even more skins, map changes, charms etc. It would also stop "most" of the complaints and arguments on the forums.

It would be a true labor of love. And we are all here to play this game and to have some fun while doing so.

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  • Archol123
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    No offense buddy but why would anybody want to play that mode? There is basically no reason to get better in chase because you simply cannot loose as survivor, there is no reason for killer to bring any perks because he cannot win, even if he hooks and downs people there is nothing he can do on the macro side of the game, there is no comeback no reason to get better at anything because the outcome does not change, you can just avoid the consequences of loosing a chase, and with all that why would you even have gens as an objective? They are boring and there is no need for them since survivors can never loose the game in that state this could technically end in a forever 3 Gen, because you simply cannot win as killer no matter how good you play. And honestly I don't think anybody would grant the killer a kill unless they either play skull merchant or some other boring killer or if they just want out of the game... This would effectively kill the game and be a terrible experience for anyone involved.

  • Lemonwolf
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    Because then there would be no more complaints and problems.

    Just look at these forums. Many survivor players complaining about literally every killer, perks or addons.

    It is a constant stream of never ending whining. My suggestion would eliminate all of this.

    People would have no reason to complain anymore because it is in their power to get out or not.

    Yes, the killers would have no control over anything, that is true.

    Then again, there will not be any need for sweaty gameplay.

    Sure, some people might quit the game, but that would be the price for peace and quiet.

    Look at the recent dev stream. For example, they want to get rid of 3 gen.

    I wonder why? Because people complain and complain and complain.

    These survivor players mostly get what they want, and killer players get unilaterally punished.

    So why not just give survivors full control over the game like i suggested? We are slowly but surely heading in this direction anyway.

    Just look at the changes they made to the game in the last 12 months and their roadmap.

    DBD is a party game, and the people responsible have to decide if the party is over or not.

    If DBD was a competitive game like Overwatch it would have lost its appeal a long time ago.

    And this labor of love thing is the icing on the cake. Yes, the devs put a lot of work into it, but the game itself is anything but lovely.

    It has the most toxic and hateful community i have ever seen.

    The things i have read and witnessed in ingame chat are vile, hateful, hurting, homophobic and outright evil.

    Things have been said times and again that would be considered a crime where i live, but you cant report people playing on epic accounts. Perhaps time should be invested in a better reporting system to fight back against these hateful people. But new skins are more important.

    A community like that deserves what i stated in my suggestion.

  • Archol123
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    The complains would literally be that your actions don't matter for the outcome of the game anymore, you could still be as toxic as you want and you would not even be able to get punished for it in game by the killer. Why would any killer want to play a mode where they physically cannot end the game/win it without the survivors letting them?

    The killer does not have a reason to play at all... Because the survivors don't need to play to win... You would either have a game where nobody does gens because they don't need to or nobody does anything because the result does not change and the result would always be all 4 survivors leaving...

    If this is the most hateful community you have never played Dota, lol or counter strike xD All the insults I have witnessed in this game seem to come from 12 year Olds who don't even know how the English language works and that makes me more sad than angry, those kids should be in school ^^

    The community deserves it? So for some reason you want survivors to have full control and the killer to have nothing? Yeah dude nobody would want to play that mode and the idea is probably the worst I have ever seen.

  • Lemonwolf
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    Basically it is like that already in some areas. At least the game is shifting in that direction, to give survivors more control over what happens to them without the killer being able to do much about it. My suggestion could always be altered in a way that would introduce a timer of sorts so survivors could not abuse their control. And as mentioned Killers could be replaced by Bots or players who want to play still could if they do desire. Oh, i have seen worse ideas on this forum.

  • DrDucky
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    Why in the world would anybody play this? You literally remove any kind of stakes, killers would be frustrated because a survivor after losing a chase can just say "no" and drag it out until they do all the gens. As a survivor I myself would be bored since if I did not choose to abuse this, I know my team mates would and then I would win every game. Literally no one would play if these suggestions went forward.

  • Archol123
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    The devs don't want this game to be somewhat single player, so to focus around bots as killers will not happen.

    And what are all the other killer players supposed to do? Want them to go play on private servers?

    And against bots you would not even need that full control thing because bots are so bad you should never go down against one...

    I have not seen a worse idea but whatever, at least this will never happen so there is no point in further discussing anything like that.