Cleansing the Hex: Two Can Play totem won't prevent you from getting blinded back

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  • That's it, just read the topic. I'm not sure if it applies to stuns as well.
  • 1. Play survivor in public matches against a killer with this perk equipped. 2. Cleanse the totem; not sure if it applies to blessing. 3. Blind the killer. 4. Get blinded back and have an active totem icon on your hud even though the totem has been cleansed. I don't remembers other perks/addons or characters.
  • Happened both times out of the 2 instances I had.

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An explanation has already been provided. Closing report.


  • MikeStev
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    Read the perk description, you will know why.

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    Two Can Play can be reactivated multiple times after being cleansed. When the hex is removed by a survivor, it will deactivate, but after 2 more stuns/blinds it will activate again on another dull totem.

    This is intended.

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