Player Cards Feedback

Releasing this feature in the current state should have been postponed until there was enough content to justify waiting for three months since the original announcement. Building hype for one singular player card option that is paywalled is unacceptable, considering many other games that are much younger offer more in that regard, and are often free. Dead By Daylight is almost 8 years old--this feels inexcusable and insulting to the community, especially since we were told about it so far in advance. I can't wrap my head around the decision to release this feature the way it is. Even people that willingly paid for it are not happy about it. Now the player UI looks arguably worse, requiring players to click to a separate screen to see their own devotion level, as well as end game screens being filled with empty boxes and results that are unintuitive and difficult to see. I'm personally unhappy with this method of releasing unfinished content and expecting players to eagerly pay for it. I would much rather wait for complete content and better value, rather than the current situation that is: pay now for one nice customization option, and then wait months for the "filler" ones we can expect to see in events and rifts (that may not even be free). Considering these player card options will likely take up space in future rifts, taking the place of filler charms (another piece of bulk content most people find zero value in), there should be more options that are not paywalled without making us wait even longer. Many of us have already invested a lot of our personal time and money into this game, and we deserve to see that value. I was looking forward to the bare minimum and we did not even receive that. I hope this is changed and rectified soon.


  • PoetOfTheFall
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    I was hoping for standard player icons if you have the survivor or the killer. and some backgrounds like maps, or simply colors. every adept COULD also be something for the player card... hope it will be improved...