Chucky Camera/Graphic Bug After Interacting with Glyph

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After Interacting with a Glyph, Chucky's Third Person camera zooms into first person and is placed inside his head so you can see the inside of his face and backs of his eyes and have a very disorienting head bob.

This happened to me while playing on PC

To Reproduce:

Step 1 : Select a Challenge that requires interacting with Glyphs. I used Red Glyphs.

Step 2 : Play as Chucky in a public match with any build.

Step 3 : Locate and interact with a glyph.

Step 4 : The camera will now clip inside of Chucky's head when walking. When stationary the camera will appear normal, but will snap back inside of Chucky's head whenever you move. Vaulting a ledge fixes the issue (breaking a pallet does not fix the issue).

Additional information

  • This is reproduce-able on multiple maps and with any build. I was able to reproduce it on two maps with two different perk/add-on loadouts.
  • This happened when using Chucky's default skin and interacting with Red Glyphs.

Videos of The Bug (contain harsh language):

First Incident (clip contains interacting with the glyph, which triggered the bug, the bugged camera, and using a ledge to stop the bug):

Second Incident (clip does not include interaction with glyph that triggered the bug, only the bugged camera itself. Does include breaking a pallet which did not fix the camera):

Note: I do not have logs for these matches because they occurred about halfway through a 5 hour stream and I did not stop stream to get logs.

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