Slice n' Dice should deactivate Any Means Necessary

I don't even play the Killer but I can tell that this interaction with the perk and power should not be intended whatsoever. It isn't like trying to vault windows when Wraith is cloaked (which itself needs to be toned down), it's actually something that completely negates the Killer's power and forces them to break pallets even when they don't want to or need to. In essence, this is an exploit that needs to go.

Honestly, what should happen is that the ability should deactivate Any Means Necessary if and only if it's being used to lift up a pallet during that time.

That or make it so that he can hit someone over the pallet with the ability if they are specifically performing the action to lift up a pallet. Sounds like a weird interaction, but it would get the point across VERY quickly.