Chucky lore is a bit weird

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When I say weird, I mean more specifically the version of Chucky that went into the fog combined with his skins plus Tiffany.

The Chucky we have in game is intended to be specifically the Chucky from Child's play 2 right after he has a box of good guy's dropped on him.

First thing, his weapon. In Child's play 2, I do believe he was weilding his signature voodoo knife and not a kitchen knife. Though in his trailer, he is seen grabbing the first viable weapon we see so it's possible the knife didn't come with. Then there's the existence of Tiffany and the implication that she was dragged into the realm alongside Chucky and Chucky"s stitched skin which is also from Curse of Chucky and almost a decade or two after the events of Child's Play 2 and before Child's play 3.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just slow and maybe it's just the mundane answer of its the Entity making things smooth, possible and convincing for the Lakeshore Strangler to thrive without confusing things with how much it bends time


  • OrangeBear
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    I think they didn't get the rights to first child's play film. That film was the only one that had the voo doo knife.

    So his lore is based on child's play 2 instead which is the earliest one they do have rights to.

    I think outfits are all manifested by the entity so they don't have to be lore accurate.

  • Smoe
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    The voodoo knife was also seen during a flashback in Curse of Chucky.

  • Simfeliz
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    I was curious why they decided to use to end of Child's Play 2 as when Chucky was taken. Not sure about that.

    They knife doesn't bother me too much. Sure it's an iconic look but he didn't even use it that much. Besides using the knife on the on the John Bishop Voodoo doll I don't even recall if he even killed anyone with it.

    When it comes to Tiffany I think they just wanted her in the game too and didn't consider the lore. Granted in that timeline, Tiffany as a doll would not exist so I can only assume that Tiffany was taken from another timeline.

  • edgargarciabe660
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    Skins dont have to come from the same universe, especially the ones that are licensed. Remember that the Entity is a multiversal being, so there could perfectly be thousands of Chuckys inside the realm (which makes sense since WE, the players, are the ones controlling them). So stitched Chucky and Tiff could've been taken from another universe (following Chuckys lore they 100% have been taken from another universe, since he's taken in Child's Play 2, which wouldnt let the future events of Seed of Chucky take place)

  • charmless
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    I think they should've taken him from the series 1 finale of the show, personally. There's a perfect opportunity for it too.