Hope needs to be changed.

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7% is just way too much ms. And thanks to MFT we learned that 3% is a lot extra for Survivors especially. I think it should be changed to 3% ms and then also increase healing when the exit gates are powered by 45% and 25% faster totem cleanse speed, making it a counter to NOED. Essentially giving you a medkit heal. 7% just makes it wayyyyy too hard to catch. This change would still give the Survivor more movespeed but also increased healing speed to make it quicker and easier to heal and then go for a save if someone is hooked.


  • Annso_x
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    That's a nice idea.

    7% isn't only too much it's also overkill, nerfing the speed but adding a heal and totem speed boost would be a very healthy change in my opinion.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    Since MFT is basically dead, I think Hope will see less usage now.

  • Gastongard
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    You can still catch a survivor with hope at normal speed and even faster with bloodlust, look at the road map, there isnt a single survivor buff in 6 months, only DS and I have 0 hope for that, same for the 3 gen solution, the rest is all killer buffs or reworks, please for the love of god stop crying over each survivor perk. Practice more and you will be able to catch any of those damn survivor over exploiting an end game perk

  • pigslittlepet
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    There is nothing wrong with hope. It's a endgame perk and was never complained about until it stacked with mft. It's fine on it's own as just a strong perk. Nothing wrong with strong.

  • adam1233467
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    Since they nerfed made for this, you are gonna see less hopes now

  • CatnipLove
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    3% for a perk that only activates when all the gens are powered? Meh.