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Hex: Two Can Play is fundamentally flawed.

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
edited December 2023 in Feedback and Suggestions

In my opinion, the biggest issue with Two Can Play is surprisingly not the 1.5s duration, which is quite pitiful. It's not even that it's a Hex, and it's also not even that it requires you to get stunned twice just for the totem to be lit. However, all of these things are still very ridiculous and remind me of the original Blood Favor in the sense that there was too much setup for so little payoff, especially considering it's a Hex perk.

The main issue is that it activates when the Killer is stunned or blinded. When the killer cannot move, attack, or do literally anything, not even mentioning that there's usually now a big wood barrier in between the survivor and the killer (or the killer is carrying a Survivor, is hooking someone, is breaking a pallet, etc). Without a very niche stun resistance build, this perk pretty much does nothing, and I can attest to that having faced it many times in the past few days. I am honestly rarely thrown off by the blind itself.

This whole perk just doesn't make sense, which is a shame because the concept is neat. I suggest, firstly, the requirements for the Hex to light should be less layered and maybe not require you to willingly let yourself get stunned (again further encouraging this to only be run with a very niche stun resist build) and secondly, the blind activation should be at a time where the killer can actually capitalize off of the Survivor's visual impairment.