Old Freddy coming back...as a new killer?

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It's no secret that the general opinion of Freddy's rework in 2019 is now unfavorable. The most unique character in the game’s history was completely replaced with one of the most tame and inoffensive. Current Freddy is almost synonymous with low effort, and his pick rate is falling and falling as his lack of power is more apparent. While old Freddy has additional problems such as being too oppressive for new survivors and boring by expirenced survivors (due to thw slowdown in the dream world). But overall, it was killer players who claimed he was "too weak", although watching their old gameplay, you can't take that opinion too seriously. So now with hindsight, the same people who were excited for his rework now would rather his old self be in the game. Problem is, there are fans who are fans of current Freddy and don't want their purchase to go to waste. So some people have asked for old Freddy to be an add-on, but I think that is way too extreme. Basically a new killer hidden behind some add-on. But "new killer" gave me an idea.

New killer: The Sandman

Since it was controversy that we only got Jackie Earle Haley Freddy, why not embrace the unique situation this killer is in by replacing him Robert Englund Freddy who has the original power? P.S. "The Sandman" was Freddy's name in the game files, but leave your suggestions if you have any.

This could also be a complete Nightmare on Elm Street Part II chapter, featuring the old Freddy's power on Rob Englund Freddy, Nancy Thompson as a survivor, and a new map that's set in a dreamworld. This can also be an option if problems occur with Jackie Earle Haley Freddy runs into licensing concerns but BEhavior wants to keep Freddy in the game in some capacity.

Some changes I'd make to old Freddy if he comes back.

- When a survivor is put within the dream transition, they can't get any skillchecks, and immediately suffer the dream world penalties (beside interacting with Freddy)

- Due to Distortion and Object of Obsession, dream world aura reads are either killer instinct, or unique aura reads that do no count as such

- Survivors are given an in game tutorial to how Freddy (and honestly any other killer) works so they can be familiarized with how he works and how you have to play

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    Seeing a buffed version of the original Freddy, implementing some new mechanics of Freddy (the alarm clocks come to mind) I think would be excellent; much preferable to the weird Hag Clown we currently have.

    His generator teleport is still interesting and mechanically unique, though, and I'd appreciate if he kept it. Some of the strongest map mobility in the game supplementing a pretty unique but strange and (even if buffed) not overly impactful power would be a good balancing decision, I think.