Nurse Fov and Fatigue snapping

LittleZek Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

Everytime I play nurse now it just hurts and doesn't feel right.

Im on xbox.

Her fatigue after blink always snaps up and down after every blink and it just hurts to look at. Her FOV is also turned down to like 2018 FOV from what I can compare it to and all this isn't anywhere in thr patch notes so I'm guessing it isn't intentional and it's been happening since the chucky release.

The frequency of the issue is that it happens everytime there is not one blink where it doesn't.

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  • LittleZek
    LittleZek Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    I've gotten used to it now but it still feels weird. Mainly the fov