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Comprehensive Knight changes for the developers

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The Overall Objective

  • Trim off the clunk of Knight's power.
  • Add in some fluidity to his mechanics.
  • Allow him to have more control over Guard patrols.
  • Use the "two places at once" to his advantage more often.
  • Increase the appeal of Jailer.
  • Remove heavy addon reliance.

All of these things are very common, valid complaints from playing the Knight.

For the record, I do understand there are probably complicated technical limitations to the guard summon form's strafing capabilities and being activatable while close to objects in the environment, but it's my best hope that those things can eventually be worked around for a more fluid-feeling Knight, because they make for very clunky limitations.

Patrol Area

  • While in Guard Summon form, you regularly press Mouse 2 to place down the Guard’s Patrol Path.
  • Now, you may alternatively press Mouse 1 to place them down without a Patrol Path. The Guard will be placed down at that location and Patrol within their detection radius, and no Patrol Path will be drawn.

Guard Summon Form

  • While in Guard Summon form (AKA, drawing the Patrol Path), you may now freely strafe and turn without movement restriction.
  • Guard Summon form can now be entered while facing close to walls.
  • The maximum distance of Guard Summon form has been increased by 4 meters, and the movement speed of Guard Summon form has been increased by 10%.

Quick Summon

  • While facing a Generator, dropped Pallet, or Wall, quickly summon a Guard to damage them by tapping the Ability Button. The guard will spawn in after a delay of 0.5 seconds, indicated by a briefly appearing green orb.

Detection Radius

  • The detection radius now grows 30% faster beyond an 8 meter patrol path/patrol area.

Patrol Cancel

  • While facing a Patrolling Guard at any range, press the Power Button to recall them and inflict a maximum cooldown of 7 seconds, or less if the Patrol had less time left than 7 seconds.

The Jailer

  • Summoning The Jailer past an 8 meter patrol path now provides a 7.5% haste bonus instead of the default 5%.
  • Hunt movement speed increased from 4.1m/s to 4.25m/s

Concurrent Chases

  • Chasing a Survivor while a Guard is currently hunting a different Survivor will grant you a 35% increase to Basic Attack lunge movement speed and extend that Guard’s hunt by 4 seconds.

Note, given these changes I would suggest further changes to addons such as Knight's Contract, Lightweight Greaves, Call To Arms, Town Watch's Torch, and all brown addons, but I don't want this post too long and I don't want to focus too heavily on addons, rather just the basekit flow.

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