Bitter Easter Collection

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Hi, I made the following skins for the "Bitter Easter Collection". I'm not a professional illustrator or anything like that, I do it as a hobby. I play Dbd in my spare time and I like to design skins that I would like to see in the game. I also get inspired by the nationalities of the characters, holidays and who knows.... The ideas come non-stop and I always keep time to draw them. I hope you like it!

The first skin: Nea egg hunter.

Our dear Nea tries to hunt for Easter eggs with her sweet outfit. In the process she gets some scratches but she won't stop until she finds them all 😡

The second skin: Claudette Sweetened.

Claudette is known for her intelligence, her fascination for botany and science. But that doesn't stop her from showing her tender and elegant side for Easter. She is more prepared than anyone else 😍

The third skin: Jeff the Basket Decorator

Jeff can look tough and intimidating man. Few know his artistic and musical side. Easter is a great opportunity for him to bring out his old paintings and sketches 🤗

The fourth skin: Floral Easter

The Artist is an elegant killer. Her passion for art got her to where she is now, but her roots are still in her inky blood. That's why in this skin we can see her nationality reflected 😘

The fifth skin: Easter in the Midwest

The Deathslinger skin shows the vivid colors of the old Wild West, with a brightly striped shirt and the colors of Easter stronger than ever. I can't say for sure that he likes the idea, but the colors flatter his grayish skin tone 🤣

😀If you have taken the time to view the Collection I thank you. I hope you like it and feel free to give an honest opinion. 

Greetings and see you in the fog