What is your opinion about the Hag?

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Please give your opinion.

What is your opinion about the Hag? 30 votes

She needs massive buff.
Gibberishadsads123123123123TatariuAstel 4 votes
She needs minor buff.
MalkhrimGeneralVaeonskulMarc_go_soloduyguOrangeBear09SHARKBOSSRareFantom47CorvusCorax86Depressedlegionxoreyna 11 votes
She is fine with current status.
The_DaydreamerNAERUUUAlex_sizzlingmario4Archol123halcyondays93MechWarrior3SeaBerry550kinupssTheSingularityjonifireFoxmare 12 votes
She needs minor nerf.
QwQwsmurf8765 2 votes
She needs massive nerf.
Datdouwdouw03 1 vote


  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,041
    She needs minor buff.

    I'm not comfortable with the speed survivors can easily remove my traps.

  • OrangeBear
    OrangeBear Member Posts: 1,987
    She needs minor buff.

    She needs quality of life improvements to be made more appealing. Maybe traps hinder you or something. Also maybe get rid of the trap range add-ons because they actually make it harder to get hits.

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 9,676
    She needs minor buff.

    Survivors being able to delete her traps without flashlights wasn't a good change, in my opinion.

  • Archol123
    Archol123 Member Posts: 2,463
    She is fine with current status.

    I think she is in an ok spot, flashlights not being usable against her is quite the buff, it got somewhat evened out by the swipe away thing. I would say though that it is quite time consuming as survivor to do that, as a trade off to being more safe than triggering the trap and running away instantly. You have to know where the trap is, crouch walk in and whipe it away, and basically only do that while the Hag is far enough away to not interrupt you, as this would basically give her a free hit. I think it was a good idea to have these two ways to get rid of traps: an easier, less risky way that takes a bit longer and a riskier less safe way that is rather fast. Depending on the situation you can decide which choice you want to make.

    The only thing I would change about her is placing traps under hooks... Because that just should not be a thing.

  • RareFantom47
    RareFantom47 Member Posts: 87
    She needs minor buff.

    It's not like she's weak, she's just really basic when she could be so much more.

  • Tatariu
    Tatariu Member Posts: 2,729
    She needs massive buff.

    Her add-ons should be revisited and overhauled completely. Not sure what I'd like to see changed about her base-kit.

    NAERUUU Member Posts: 494
    She is fine with current status.

    I played The Hag at high MMR .

    And ... this killer is pretty GOOD to be honest, like solid A tier, but ... BUT ... BUT ....

    Yeah, if player use the mic and they ears ... yup this is really counterable ...

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 913
    She needs minor buff.

    more traps