A solution to the Tunneling problem and the early Gen Speed problem all in one.


As a Killer main I thought Survivors were exaggerating the Tunneling problem because I don't Tunnel or camp, the only exception is if someone is BMing or they picked someone up with FTP + Buckle Up, because at that point you're kinda asking for it lol, but other than that I will not tunnel, hell I will go out of my way to NOT tunnel, often running right by someone who I just hooked to avoid tunneling since I actually play games to have fun, which doesn't seem to be the case for many Killers sadly, they have to play like their family is in danger unless they win this game of DBD as Blight with the exact same perks they've used for the last 200 games and ready to zoom to the other side of the map once they hear that noise and their senses tell them, *UNHOOK DETECTED*.

I've been playing a lot more Survivor lately and out of 20 games I played today I, or someone on my team got hard tunneled off hook in at least more than half of them. I think the best solution would be to give the normal Endurance and Haste 2 seconds longer, and then make Off the Record basekit but for 45 seconds instead of 80, and still have it disable once the exit gates are powered of course. Now to make this work without allowing for unfair play on the Survivor side, remove collision for 45 seconds when someone is unhooked to prevent body blocking with this new power. Basically if the Killer decides to tunnel they're going to have to go through 3 entire health states instead of 2, Off the Record's new effect can simply be to extend this new power for 15-25-35 Seconds basically given the same treatment as Borrowed Time, or be reworked into something else entirely.

If the unhooked Survivor cannot body block for the unhooker then it would more or less force the Killer to go for the unhooker if they're just going to head right back to the hook, instead of just b-lining for the person who they just hooked.

I would also like to see Killers get Corrupt Intervention basekit as well since this is a huge buff to Survivors, I think it's only fair that we kill 2 problems with 1 fix. Except make it last 90 seconds instead of 120, although unlike BT and OTR I actually have an idea for Corrupt Intervention to be reworked with these changes. "Any time a Survivor interacts with a Generator that isn't just the "Repair" option the Entity will block that Generator for 30 seconds, this can only occur once per Generator and has a Cooldown of 90-80-70 seconds." So Toolboxes, Blast Mine, Wire Tap etc. Nothing is more demoralizing then finally get your hard earned first down only for 3 gens to pop instantly, it's sort of the Survivor version of Tunneling in a way. So we should fix that while we're at it. Survivors get basekit Off the Record and Killers get basekit Corrupt Intervention.

TLDR: Increase Endurance and Haste effect from being unhooked by 2 additional seconds, give Off the Record basekit for 45 seconds instead of 80, remove collision when unhooked for 45 seconds, give Killer Corrupt Intervention basekit for 90 Seconds instead of 120 to solve two of the main issues for either side.