Survivors: Do you enjoy chases?

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I've seen a lot of people say chases are where DBD shines best for the survivor side. Many comment agree, but I've seen others disagree and say they're boring or annoying. Let's settle it.

Survivors: Do you enjoy chases? 21 votes

I prefer chases, they're really fun.
InsaneCoasterGuiltiiCorvusCorax86DepressedlegionjonifireSelfpreservated 6 votes
Not a fan of chases, let me help in other ways.
Chiky 1 vote
It depends on who the killer is.
Science_GuyGeneralVhalcyondays93EEPRaconteurminatorTheSingularityAstelporphyraBasementKinghotbabe95Alix_RedfieldallysoncamaraTommyDorkelson 13 votes
I don't feel one way or the other about chases.
Smoe 1 vote


  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,043
    I prefer chases, they're really fun.

    I picked the first option but it wasn't your question...

    I do not prefer them because I'm not good at them but I can enjoy a long chase with some loops and pallets smashed in the killer's face.

  • Alix_Redfield
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    It depends on who the killer is.

    Chases are good, but they must create more objectives to make more fun, so I get a little tired of it and depends of the Killer

  • Selfpreservated
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    I prefer chases, they're really fun.

    What else would make this game fun?

    sitting on a gen for 90 seconds (+ pain resonance + jolt + 30 seconds from deadlock) is not especially funny to do

    but something I do enjoy other than chases is theory-crafting of new builds and strategys