Survivor Endearance park idea, Named Savior

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After 3 unhooked safe Rescues , you Gain Endearance , and become the obsession or The killer can Read your aura Within a certain distance , works the same as mettle of man, but could both work together as a tank Support , Instead of a heal support, because healing can get boring

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  • Firellius
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    3 safe unhooks to be able to take one hit? That's a terrible cost/reward balance.

    Basically seems like a proper survivor perk.

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    Can't we just rework Mettle of Man instead?

  • foxmaster
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    Well after Unhooking a survivor , Killers usually hit you twice, Once before the unhook, And another in the back after the unhook , mettle of man Activates After the second hit when the survivor is off the hook , You have to unhook three survivors anyway , high MMR killers won't hit Body blockers , Like huntress She can just Tamahawk in front of you Hitting the injured survivor, I don't believe in second Chance perks like dead hard After you been hooked , They reward you for being bad At the game In my opinion, Also each perk you have Always times by 4 , Since there are 4 survivors

    Savior Can activate after 3 unhooks Maybe the safety part shouldn't matter , I just want killers to stop hitting me in the back because it's so cheap , I understand is consider a trade but still its so weak, And low skill

    Anyway I'm tired, Of behavior making unicorn perks , Then Later on just nurfing them anyway, Why not just make Perk's that solve problems?

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