Self-Care unusable after one use in game

oliviaa Member Posts: 103

i am currently encountering this visual (?) may be mechanical bug as well on Xbox.

  1. equip self-care
  2. load into game
  3. get injured/hooked and use self-care once like normal
  4. get injured/hooked again and use self-care again
  5. now the bar for healing progression does not move even though i AM healing myself
  6. i still get rewarded blood points for healing action but it goes on forever (? i healed myself for over a minute when the killer had no healing slowdown perks) and never ends up showing progression in the bar
  7. it is also worth noting that if someone heals me after this, the progress of what should be done in the healing bar is not actually done
  8. i can currently fix it by unequipping self-care after the match and re-equipping it after

this has happened for me for two consecutive matches (once on backwater swamp and again on midwich) i stopped playing after so it could happen more

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  • Druzzt
    Druzzt Member Posts: 24

    I have the same issue, but it is just a visual issue - you actually heal yourself (and also finish at some point) - you are just missing the progress.

  • YuGiOhJCJ2
    YuGiOhJCJ2 Member Posts: 60

    Same problem, still not fixed in 7.6.1.

  • Sukigu
    Sukigu Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 25
    edited March 27

    I just had this bug happen to me, but using Strength in Shadows. I'm not exactly sure what causes it, since it was the first time that match I was healing myself. I had previously healed other teammates, though, and the killer was running Sloppy Butcher (it could be something related to Mangled/Hemorrhage?). I had been hooked once already. Oh, and another unusual occurrence was that at one point I canceled a teammate's heal on myself so I could heal them instead, then I proceeded to run for the basement so that my teammate was free to do something else.

  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 353

    If you can't see the progress bar progressing keep healing you will eventually it is only a visual bug.