Spooky or Imposing

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When it comes to killers, which kinds of visual designs do you like more? Spooky killers like Spirit, Artist & Onryo, or Imposing killers like Nemesis, Oni and Pyramidhead?

Spooky or Imposing 23 votes

Spooky Killers
GeneralVChikyKatsuhxPCorvusCorax86TheSingularityjonifireAstelporphyraBasementKingelipsxiconBafugabooSelfpreservated 12 votes
Imposing Killers
HerInfernalMajestytenoresaxMarc_go_soloGuiltiismurf8765WowieOrangeBear09SHARKBOSSDepressedlegionFoxmareTommyDorkelson 11 votes


  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,654
    Imposing Killers

    I prefer the brutes, but I have absolutely no problem with the spooky-looking Killers and would love some more too.

    The imposing Killers just feel more full of character.

  • Smoe
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    Prefer either the normal looking human killers like Trickster, Ghostface & Legion or supernatural killers like Dredge.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Imposing Killers

    The Oni scares me the most second only to the Doctor. I can see how the Oni can be both spooky and imposing but he feels super imposing to me.

  • Selfpreservated
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    Spooky Killers

    I love that singularity and the blight are actually scary

    if they made a life-action movie or short based on a recreation of the entity's games such as the trailers i'd definetly want a scary killer to be a part of it rather then an imposing killer.