Cosmetics should align with a character's lore?

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It seems odd to me to see a medieval character in trendy clothes (excluding event items), but that's just my perspective. What are your thoughts?

Cosmetics should align with a character's lore? 27 votes

Yes, it should.
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No, it doesn't make sense.
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  • GeneralV
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    Yes, it should.

    Some people say cosmetics can break or hurt the immersion, but I believe they can enhance it. As long as they are properly done.

    The overall focus of cosmetics should be to align with the lore and fit the character, all in the service of improving the atmosphere (which is severely lacking right now).

    Wraith's Phantom of Vengeance, Legion's Chimeric Horde, Clown's Children's Parties, and so on.

  • Simfeliz
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    Yes and no. My understanding is non-base skins aren't considered lore. Besides a few, I think most of the base skins do fit the lore of the characters. But, yes, I think an emphasis should be put on fitting their lore.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    No, it doesn't make sense.

    Im mixed about it.

    Yes it does not make sense for them to have clothing that does not matches their location and time of origin.

    At the same time, we do not really know what lore implications cosmetics have, we dont know if they are alternate timelines/versions of characters being pulled into the Entity's realm or just clothing/outfits the Entity gave them.

    The lore is pretty muddy in that regard so I think it's hard to say for certain.

  • Selfpreservated
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    Yes, it should.

    Yes it should

    But there also should be skins outside of lore

    just a mix of both ideas. I like that élodie's skins are based on the adventures she goes through when searching for the black veill

    but i'd also like diversity in this skins and maybe going outside of even main universe and get to a skin-line where they are in space or smt.

  • Smoe
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    Yes, it should.

    Sticking mainly to a character's theme is fine, however it is also fine to divert from it, at least to an extend.

    Vittorio in any type of clothing including modern ones make sense because his entire theme revolve around realm traveling and exploring different realms, cultures and philosophies, his default cosmetic being stuff he found from a dead Survivor as well falls in line with his theme.

    What i'm mainly against are mobile cosmetics, which are cosmetics created with their own themes in order for it to be worn by as many characters as possible rather than being a cosmetic made specifically to fit a single character as it is specifically made to fit them and only them like the cosmetics found on core dbd.

  • Alex_
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    No, it doesn't make sense.

    there would be so many missed opportunities my dude

  • aeonskul
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    No, it doesn't make sense.

    I think their BASE cosmetics should, by all means, be an extension of their story, but as we have expanded the overall lore of Dead by Daylight, we have entered the Multiverse. This should give us license to create any kind of version of these characters that fits our own headcanons for these characters, essentially making our own universe in the process.

    My Dwight is a librarian from the late 1800s, my David is a grizzled old man and veteran like Bill. My Adam is a 1930s detective, etc.

  • Valik
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    Yes, it should.

    Devs should take the tone of the game seriously.

    They generally have, but some cosmetics are questionable at best.