As a P80 Skull Merchant main, remove the Hinder when Claw Trapped Survivors get scanned.

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Getting a Claw Trap even on an injured Survivor is already a good boon for chasing, as it gives Skull Merchant 4% Haste, Tracking, Broken, Injures, and Deep Wounds, there is absolutely no reason for the Hinder to exist. I feel like this is actually one of the major things people have issue with, because it is overkill. Skull Merchant is at most a B+ Killer, but that doesn't mean she can't have arguably her most irritating factor removed to make her at least a bit more enjoyable to face. I feel bad when I catch someone with the Hinder at a spot that should have been safe for them when they didn't deserve to get hit but they were just basically perma slowed. It's just something that has quite literally 0 counterplay, being Claw Trapped is already very good for the Skull Merchant, the Hinder is unnecessary and irritates Survivors.

Also remove the Killer Instinct because it's annoying constantly hearing it and I can already track them when they have a Claw Trap, thanks.


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    as it gives Skull Merchant 4% Haste

    It's 3%, or 5% if another survivor got scanned / claw trap somehow...


    I will gladly get rid of this, if your issue is too many status effects... Just make it always Mending.

     for the Hinder to exist

    Oh right, because drones being useless against injured survivors is not an issue.

    I feel bad when I catch someone with the Hinder

    I have never understood this. Even with Hindered (which takes a long time to get) and movement speed buff, it is less than Clown's Hindered (15%), while Clown can get also way faster (10%).

    Skull merchant has usually 13% difference and it takes long time to get.

    It's way weaker than pallet breaking she used to have.

    they didn't deserve to get hit

    they got scanned 4 times, how did they not deserve it?

    0 counterplay

    you can crouch, or just stand next to a pallet...

    Claw Trapped is already very good for the Skull Merchant

    How so?

    Her information part got way worse, because unless survivors are bad, you will get Claw trap mostly in chase only. I kinda know where they are at that point. Yeah, it can help against mind games, but it also depends on how good is survivor...

    If you want to remove Hindered, then buff movement speed bonus. So she has still decent chase, but it's not as annoying for survivors.