Not a bad patch. Good job bhvr


The billy changes. Excellent. He stays a extremely high skill killer that people who want to have a expression of their skill can use but he is now more rewarding for really skilled Billy's. Well done.

Blight. Sure you butchered his addon's but meh. His basekit is still second strongest so I really can't be made to care.

Onryo. Have to see but like every rework people think is crap and someone figures out a busted way to play.

The 3 gen problem. Won't effect my play style at all so I don't really care. If I'm damaging gens more than 8 times I'm probably in a stalemate that I want out of as bad as the survivors.

Perk changes. All good I think. Nothing overpowered and nothing pathetically weak either. Grim embrace looks fun maybe.

Stbfl. I think you missed the point of the nerf but whatever. It's still gonna be good for m1 just need to be even more strategic and I personally don't think things like bear traps, plot twist, ftp, and sm drones should take tokens but at least it will still work.

Overall need to see how things work out in the ptb but congrats on at least not royaly destroying the game.

My standards are low aren't they?