Who are you and what would you do in a horror?

Mushwin Member Posts: 4,576

So you are in a horror movie, or scenerio.....................what would you do and which one are you?

Who are you and what would you do in a horror? 23 votes

Nope! Will throw you in the way, even a loved one to escape, you are a survivor!
gothiclolitiaFoxmare 2 votes
The dumb one, who runs up the stairs, instead of out the front door, the killer wont expect it!
NAERUUUEmealglitchboiBbySugaryOreosRareFantom47TheSingularityares_theos7 7 votes
I am the hero! I will shoot, stab, use a banana if need be to defend those I love!
Atsuka_AnarchyHerInfernalMajestyaeonskulGuiltii09SHARKBOSSTommyDorkelson 6 votes
The one who hides: Yeah no, I am hiding, where I can't be seen is good.
duyguCorvusCorax86jonifireAstelBlue3x5GrandmasterChulo 6 votes
The one who dobs everyone else in it, loyalty means nothing! You will talk and fast!
Scary_Punk_Ghostsugarycentaur83 2 votes