Slay the princess as a Dbd lisenced killer

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Hello everyone, I enjoy making dbd chapter/killer concepts that I mostly post on reddit. After I posted this same killer concept on r/deadbydaylight, I was suggested by an accuaintance that I also share it here aswell. Withouth further ado...

Killer: The princess

You open your eyes in the midst of a thick fog. As it clears before you, a deep voice makes its way into your ears:

“... And inside the basement of the cabin, there is a princess. You are here to kill her.”

You look around, searching for whoever made the statement, but the only things in sight are a dusty generator sitting in the middle of a dilapidated landscape.

A faint memory blooms inside your head, a foggy idea of what you must do.

A WARNING, before we proceed: This killer’s power is a compound one that relies on multiple variables, making it pretty complex on paper but relatively simple when put into practice (not that I have tested any of this). I understand not everyone has the time or patience to go through so much text, but please bear with me.

Power: The shifting mound

At the start of the trial all generators are blocked for 15 seconds and all survivors are tasked to go to the Cabin, which will consist on a “slightly” modified killer-shack:

Killershack Modifications:

- The window and one of the entrances will be blocked.

- The unblocked entrance will have a door that will open after a short (0.3 second) interaction. Once a survivor enters the cabin, the door will become blocked by the entity, ensuring that only one survivor can be inside the cabin at a time.

- In the interior of the cabin there will be a small table with a pristine blade sitting on top. The survivor can choose to pick it up by interacting with it as if it were any other item.

- The stairs to the basement will also be behind a door which will open after a short interaction.

- There won't be any hooks or lockers inside the basement.

- In case it is an indoor map, there will be a door to the basement’s staircase and another door at the bottom, separating them from the basement. The blade will be found lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

- In the far left wall, the princess will be found, chained up.

The cabin will go back to being the killer shack after the princess and the survivor finish interacting.

Once any survivor enters the cabin, all generators will become unblocked. If nobody enters the cabin within 15 seconds, the generators will also become unblocked, but a stranger will be set loose.

Survivor side:

Entering the cabin causes you to become The obsession. Once you’re inside, the door will become blocked by the entity. The only furniture in sight is a small table with a pristine blade sitting on top. You’ll need it if you want to make things right.

If you choose to go down to the basement, you’ll find the princess chained up in the far wall. Approaching the princess will present you with the next options: Interact with the princess and slay her or interact with the chains and free her. You could also simply ignore her and go back upstairs.

Keep in mind, you need the blade if you want to free/slay her, not picking it up will force you to go back upstairs. Remember: the door to the basement can only be opened twice, after that, the door will become jammed.

If you choose to slay the princess (which you’ll need the knife for), both you and her will be presented with a series of 6 fast skill checks, the one who gets the most of them will win and slay the other. Important note: tying will still count as a win for the princess. After the interaction is over, both you and the princess will be teleported somewhere on the map.

If you choose to free her, an animation will play where you cut off her shackled arm with the blade.

After the princess is free, you'll be pitted against her in a fight to the death where you'll both try to put the other directly into the dying state. You weren’t supposed to free her. Only one can get out alive and hopefully, it will be you.

You could also choose to ignore the fight entirely and exit the basement, which will lock her inside.

Regardless of any of the decisions you made, after all is done, you’ll be teleported somewhere on the map.

AVOID GETTING KILLED BY THE PRINCESS AT ALL COST. If the princess slays you, a single hook stage will be added to your counter, bringing you closer to actual death.

Ways the princess can kill you inside the Cabin:

  • Beating you in at the skillcheck barrage
  • Tying with you at the skillcheck barrage
  • Putting you into the dying state after becoming free
  • Leaving the basement and locking you inside after becoming free
  • Freeing herself and exiting the basement while you’re still inside the cabin’s lobby

After being teleported away, the cabin will go back to being the killer shack.

You'll remain as the obsession for the rest of the trial or untill the princess hooks you, which will teleport her back into the cabin. This will restart the 15 sec timer, causing all gens to become blocked and the killer shack to become the cabin.

You'll be able to go back and confront the princess once again. But beware: if she killed you the last time, dying again inside the cabin will cause the princess to mori you, and there is no coming back after that.

With the only obsession in the trial dead, the stranger will become loose. Forcing a different survivor to confront the princess.

Killer side:

You begin the trial inside the basement, bound to the furthest wall with a heavy chain and shackle around your arm. While in this state, all survivor auras are revealed to you. You also won't emit any terror radius nor red stain.

The duration of the aura reading will last until a survivor enters the cabin. Said survivor will become The Obsession. This time, it will be their aura that’s revealed to you until they decide to go into the basement.

Hold the ability button (2 seconds) to free yourself if the survivor doesn’t interact with you within 10 seconds of entering the cabin . Once you’ve finished biting off your arm, you are presented with two choices: going up the stairs and opening the door to the cabin’s lobby will turn you into The Nightmare and your mere presence will cause the survivor liver failure and death. Or you could wait around for the survivor to enter the basement and ambush them.

If the door to the basement becomes jammed because the survivor went inside the basement and then cowared out after 0.1 seconds of touching the stairs, you’ll be instantly given the option to free yourself and escape the basement (becoming The Nightmare).

If the obsession brings in the knife he can either free or slay you, the ladder will trigger a skillcheck barrage.

Try to kill the obsession at all costs. If you kill the obsession, a hookstage is added to their counter, which brings them closer to being sacrificed and pressuring the rest of the team. Getting killed by the obsession prevents all of this which will make this whole song and dance a waste of time for you.

After the whole ordeal is over, you’ll be teleported away from the basement and will be given a new form.

Depending on the obsession’s actions, your body can vary between 7 different forms with their unique powers and stats:

Starting with:

The Stranger

The princess will become the stranger if nobody enters the cabin within the 15 second time limit. Or if the same obsession is killed twice inside of the cabin.


Terror radius: ???

Base speed: 4.6m/s

Stature: average

Weapon: Sharp mirror shard

Power: a stranger approaches

Whilst your body will remain inside the basement, the essence of your being can travel anywhere and appear as a distorted visage.

While in this form you are able to teleport to any survivor by holding M2 for 0.5 seconds while looking towards their aura. Once you’ve teleported, all survivors will hear a loud shattering.

You'll then appear close to the survivor whose aura you’ve teleported to (like cenobite when teleporting to the box) alongside 2 fake princess clones that will move in the survivor's direction. Neither you nor the clones will have a red stain, but don’t worry, you'll get it back after 5 seconds or after performing a basic attack.

The clones will disappear when 1.7 meters away from the survivor, after 5 seconds have passed or after the survivor is injured.

Once you have hooked someone you’ll be teleported back to your physical body inside the basement, but you can also go back to the basement POV by pressing the ability button. Going back will cause “A stranger approaches” to go into a 1.5 second cooldown.

If any survivor were to enter the cabin you are forced back to the basement POV, seizing to be the stranger.

If a survivor enters the cabin while you’re carrying a survivor, you’ll be given a visual notification of the survivor entering the cabin, and be given 5 seconds to hook or drop the survivor before you are forced back inside.

Terror radius:

The Nightmare

You become the Nightmare after freeing yourself and exiting the basement at your own initiative. Or, if the obsession flees the basement and locks you inside after freeing you.


Base speed: 4.6 m/s

Base terror radius: 32 m

Stature: tall

Weapon: unfathomable terror (you injure survivors by taking off your mask instead of physically hitting them, it’s just a visual thing I think would be really cool)

Power: A moment of clarity

Press the power button to go into phantasm mode, which makes you undetectable for 20 seconds or untill you pick up a survivor. While in phantasm mode, any survivor that enters your terror radius will have their vision surrounded by darkness in the likeness of The Dredge’s nightfall. The darkness will linger for 10 seconds after exiting the terror radius.

While in phantasm mode, you’ll emit a directional lullaby. While you are unable to hear the lullaby, survivors inside your terror radius will, and it will intensify and become faster the closer you are to them.

Injuring any survivor while in phantasm mode will cause the lullaby to stop for 8 seconds and will extend the duration of phantasm mode by 10 seconds.

One last note: the Nightmare’s body will be obscured by darkness with the exception of her mask and white gloves. Better be on the lookout for these.

Terror radius:

The Witch

You become the witch by being freed from your shackles and then killing your rescuer, or by avoiding the fight entirely and escaping the basement before the obsession does.


Base terror radius: 24 m

Base speed: 4.4 m/s

Stature: (a little shorter than) Average

Weapon: grasping claws.

Power: Our nature

Active ability: hex: roots of the wild.

“Our nature” starts out with 4 tokens. Press the power button next to a dull/dismantled totem to lose a token and ignite it. You can also spend a token to assemble a totem on one of its spawn points in case that it’s empty. Assembled totems will work as normal dull totems and require you to spend a second token to light them up. Totems lit by this ability won’t display flames like a regular hex totem would, instead, a faint yellowish glow will emanate from the totem.

You’ll gain the undetectable status effect while lighting/assembling a totem. You’ll remain undetectable for 5 seconds after the interaction is completed.

“Roots of the wild” totem’s auras will be coloured in yellow. Looking towards one of these totems or auras and pressing the power button will make said totem to flare up, causing all vault locations and undropped pallets within a 10 m radius of it to become blocked by roots for 3 seconds per unspent token. The power will then go into a 5 second cooldown. If a survivor would be caught by the roots while performing a vault action, they will lose a healthstate.

Once the roots recede, the hex totem will go back to its original state (either dull or dismantled), and you'll also be refunded the tokens spent on assembling/rekindling it.

Any survivor can interact with the hex totem to prevent the killer from toggling its effects or to clear the roots early.

“Hex: roots of the wild” does not synergize with any hex perks.

Terror radius:

The Beast

You become the Beast by dying at the hands of the obsession after having been freed by them. You’ll also become The Beast if you free yourself without their help and then kill them inside the basement.


Base speed: 4.4 m/s

Base terror radius: 24m

Stature: Average (take in mind she walks in all fours)

Weapon: Feral claws

Power: Ambush predator

Sneak and Stalk

Pressing the power button causes you to become undetectable and reduces your speed by 40%, you’ll also be unable to perform basic or lunge attacks. Ambush predator starts with 3 tokens, pressing M2 will cause you to spend a token and quickly sneak 10 meters at 120% speed towards the direction that you’re looking at without making a sound. While sneaking, all survivors will hear a mild growling. After spending the last token, “sneak and stalk” will go into a 20 second cooldown and your terror radius will come back.

If you rush into a survivor in the middle of a sneak, they’ll lose a healthstate and the power will go into its cooldown.


By Holding M2 for 1.5 seconds while “sneak and stalk” is active, you’ll dash at 9.6 m/s for 8 seconds and put any survivor that stands in your way directly into the dying state.

While pouncing, you’ll leap over dropped pallets and other vault spots. After pouncing, “Sneak and stalk” goes into a 20 second cooldown.

While charging pounce, your terror radius comes back at 5 m/s

Passive effect: Scent of prey

While sneaking, you can see faint traces of red scent floating in the air that lead towards injured survivors. These traces will slowly disappear as the injured survivor moves and as you follow them. In case the survivor being tracked heals completely, the trace will simply disappear.

Terror radius:

The Razor

You become the razor by beating the obsession at the skillcheck barrage.


Base speed: 4.2 m/s

Base terror radius: 24 m

Stature: Average

Weapon(s): Razor arm

Power: mutually assured destruction

Manic sprint

Mutually assured destruction starts with 0 tokens, 0 tokens = no terror radius. You gain 1 token (up to 5) for each survivor you injure, at 1 token, your terror radius will be set to 24 meters. For every token, you become 0,5 m/s faster and your terror radius increases by 5 meters.

At 4 tokens, you enter a manic sprint and you start running at 7.82 m/s (Oni style). You cannot pick up survivors during “Manic sprint”.

Nothing to hide

At 5 tokens, “Nothing to hide” becomes enabled. Hold the ability button for 1,2 seconds to stop in your tracks and erupt into a cluster of blades, instantly breaking any pallets or breakable doors and insta-downing any survivors around you within 5 meters. While nothing to hide is active you become stationary for 2.5 seconds, any survivor that bumps into the cluster of blades will be injured or inflicted with deep wounds if they are already injured. Afterwards “Mutually assured destruction” resets back to 1 token.

Terror radius:

The Adversary

You become the adversary by tying with the obsession at the skillcheck barrage.


Base speed: 4.6m/s

Base terror radius: 32m

Stature: Tall

Weapon: Fists

Power: The song we paint in our blood

Devastating blows

“Devastating blows” starts with 4 max tokens, press M2 to spend a token and deliver a devastating blow with your left fist. You could also hold M1 to lunge and then, just before the lunge ends, press M2. These punches instantly break dropped pallets, break breakable walls, damage generators and knock back survivors. If said survivor gets knocked into an obstacle, they will be inflicted with deep wounds. If said obstacle is a dropped pallet or breakable door, it will cause it to break. At 0 tokens, the Adversary goes into a 1,5 second fatigue. You’ll recover a token every 15 seconds or after a survivor is healed for a healthstate.

Terror radius:

The Prisoner

You become the prisoner by losing against the obsession at the skillcheck barrage.


Base speed: 4.4 m/s (her shackles are heavy)

Base terror radius: 24m

Stature: average

Weapon: a rusted chain wrapped around her fist.

Primary ability: A prison for both of us

Hold M2 to slow down to 3.8 m/s and spin your chain around with your left hand. Release M2 to hurl it forward, hitting the first survivor in front of it and inflicting them with the “shackled” status effect.

Your power begins with 3 tokens, each one for a different part of the body: left and right arm, and neck which will be shown in the power hud. Each time you hit a survivor with your M2, you lose a token and the power icon changes to the next shackle type. A shackle will then appear around the survivor’s body part corresponding to the shackle type.

The shackled status effect will disappear after going into the dying state.

Active ability: Shared penitence

Press the power button to cause all shackled survivors to become chained to the closest generator, palet or obstacle. The length of the chain is 15 meters for the neck shackle and 10 meters for the arm shackles. This effect will last 3 seconds for each arm shackle and 4 seconds for the neck shackle, survivors will also become free after losing a healthstate. This ability’s cooldown will be 5 seconds longer for each spent token.

Chained survivors can perform all interactions including vaulting actions, but their movement range is limited by their chain’s length.

While holding the power button and only if you have at least 1 token, the symbol of a shackle will appear on any vertical surface that’s maximum 10 meters away from you. Letting go of the power button will create a chain between you and said surface which will vary in length depending on your distance to said surface when letting go of the power button. While chained to a surface, your movement speed increases to 4.4 m/s. The chain will also go through any obstacle that comes in between while you’re moving around (like Deathslinger when reeling in a survivor), but it’ll break if it's going through the same obstacle for too long (6 seconds). You can also get rid of the chain by holding M2 for 2 seconds. Survivors are not able to go through your chains.

Shared penitence has a 15 second cooldown.

Terror radius:

Wow, what a mess that was! I’m sure many of you are very confused and I quite frankly am exhausted. I've been posting Killer concepts for a while now and it takes quite the effort to come up with these things, let alone make them fit into the game. I tried to cover all the issues a “Slay the princess” inspired killer could have, even though I’m sure there are some issues that would have to be ironed out.

I really hope the 5 of you that read this enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

Anyway here are the moris:

(PS: I’ve been working on this for months while dealing with highschool and family related issues, and I really want to get this out before the Slay the Princess hype dies down, so you’re not getting perks, let alone addons. Sorry)

The Princess (After winning the skill check barrage): As you lie down on the cold floor of the basement, the princess pries the pristine blade from your tight grip. You try to stand up to get it back, but as you do she stabs you in your chest. As you become aware of what just happens, she quickly takes the knife out and slashes your throat.

The Princess (After tying at the skill check barrage): As you lie down, bones broken, the princess turns you around and stomps on your face a couple times. She then kneels on you, pressing her left knee on your neck. The last thing you hear is a snap. Everything goes dark and you die.

The princess (After becoming free): You find yourself lying on the cold floor of the basement. You feel the presence of the princess close by

The witch: You are lying down on the ground, bleeding. As you realize the imminent danger, you try to stand up just to notice the heavy roots growing around your ankles and arms. The Witch laughs as the roots take over, soon, covering your whole body. Soon enough, the pressure becomes unbearable and you are crushed by the roots.

The beast: As you lie down, the monstrosity pins you to the ground with one of her paws. You scream as it forcefully pulls off your right arm from your body with a single bite. You scream and roll around in agony, but the deed is done. As the beast feasts, everything goes dark and you die.

The adversary: You lie on the floor, beaten down and exhausted. You try to crawl away from your foe, but it is not done yet. It grabs your head with one hand and pulls your whole body up into the air as a champion that just won a trophy would. Suddenly, you feel her finger pressing into your skull with incredible force. Soon, it cracks. She tosses your limp body away. Everything goes dark and you die.

The Prisoner: As you lie down on the cold floor, nearly unconscious. You feel a coldness around your neck and a strong pressure pushing at your spine. The princess holds you in place with her foot as she pulls on the chain she wrapped around your neck. You desperately grasp at the chain, but it’s too late. You feel your back snapp. Everything goes dark and you die.

The Razor: With all your efforts, you stand back up. You feel the world spinning around you as you assess the damage done to your bleeding body. Suddenly, a robotic laugh startles you from behind, but as you try to turn around, you realize it’s already too late. The top half of your body slides off your bottom half, your go afterwards. Everything goes dark and you die.

The Nightmare: You lie down, panting. You feel as if your heart is going to explode at any moment. The nightmare waltzes around your body, humming joyfully. You bring your head up, just to meet the white mask of the monster. Just as you begin to scream, she takes the mask off, and your heart stops.

The Stranger: You lie in the ground and then you’re not, and then you stand, and then you fall. You don’t know what’s happening, you stare at your hands as they become undone. You then lift your head up and see her. Your body shatters like glass. Everything goes dark and you die.

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