Possible Killer Bug 7.4.2 - The Cenobite Add-On and Chain Ability



To start off I play on Console, specifically Xbox Series X but I do know this also occurs on other platforms. This is in the current state of the game: 7.4.2

I am entirely unsure if it is a bug or an intended function but I have come to notice this over the past couple of weeks. To help context I play as survivor more than I play Killer and I have confided in a close friend of mine who plays more Killer than I do and he's aware of this issue and agrees it needs to be looked into as it hinders survivor gameplay largely.

When going against The Cenobite (Pinhead) I have experienced a specific build that more Pinhead players are running. Specifically the Very Rare Add-on "Original Pain" which, quoting: "Injured Survivors who break free from a possessed chain suffer from Deep Wound."

I've gone against this a total of around 3 times, and the same scenario ends up occurring.

  • 1: I or a teammate gets hooked
  • 2: Hooked teammates are taken off with clear visual on the Endurance status effect from being unhooked, normal timeframe, normal haste
  • 3: Pinhead insights chase and uses ability to chain said unhooked survivor, chain inflicts Deep Wound while releasing, not having been released and Endurance is void

I have come to learn as well that Pinhead's chain on a survivor; when the survivor is attempting to release themselves counts as a Conspicuous Action and voids Endurance without the use of the Add-On "Original Pain."

This only occurs after being taken off hook, regardless of which Hook State the survivor is in.

I do not have clips to support my words but it is very easy to replicate as it occurs without fault every time Pinheads use the Add-On or chains a survivor that just got of hook.

If this can be looked into, that would be appreciated.

Thank you

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