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I recently watched Jujutsu Kaisen and wanted to share my Chapter idea if it ever entered Dead by Daylight. I hope it's interesting

Paragraph Chapter: Dead by Daylight x Jujutsu Kaisen





Name: Mahito

Gender: Unknown (Presumably Male)

Origin: Unknown (Born as a Cursed Spirit)

Power: Essence of the Soul

Power Attack Type: Special Attack

Weapon: Transfigured Fist

Movement Speed: 110% [4.4 m/s]

Terror Radius: 32m

Height: Tall

DLC: Jujutsu Kaisen


The Patchface

The Patchface is a manipulative Killer, able to attack from mid-range and produce clones and mimics of Survivors with its Power: Essence of the Soul

Its personal perks, Futile Hope, Perfected Sadism, and Cursed Essence, allow The Patchface to penalize survivors near a downed survivor, torment the obsession and their friends over time, and trick survivors into thinking it's somewhere where it isn't.

Difficulty: Hard



"Most people are unaware of what dangers lie in human emotions, specifically negative ones. For most individuals, they are unable to sense and perceive the energy flowing from their own bodies. However, in Japan, A select number of individuals have learned to perceive the negative energy of humans, this being dubbed, 'Cursed Energy.'

Cursed Energy has been around for as long as humans have. With their complex minds and even more puzzling nature and morality, humans have been the source of peace and violence for countless millennia. What spawned from hatred, fear, and negativity gave birth to a new form of Cursed Energy, Cursed Spirits.

Cursed Spirits themselves are derived from those negative emotions. However, they are most commonly birthed from one main emotion: Fear. These Spirits turn the human survival instinct into an even greater threat, becoming a manifestation of their darkest fears and anxieties.

However, there is an even greater cause for the birth of Cursed Spirits, one that creates the strongest of Curses: Hatred. Just as humans have brought great disaster onto the world, so too have they brought it onto themselves. Their despicable actions and the wrathful words spoken to each other have developed a savage hatred for their own kind, hatred for the very blood they share. Not only this but an everlasting fear of the atrocities one could bring onto their home tainted the human image in the minds of others forever.

Thus, Mahito was born—A Curse born from the hatred and fear humans have for each other.

Mahtio was different from other Curses. Not only did he hold the title of Special Grade Cursed Spirit, though unregistered, Mahito also led a group of Curses that had one common goal: Eradicate humanity and become the true humans of the earth.

But what made Mahito so deadly was his Cursed Technique: Idle Transfiguration. Individuals who are either Jujutsu Sorcerers or Cursed Spirits can utilize Cursed Techniques, a manifestation of their ambitions and character formed into a power.

Idle Transfiguration allowed Mahito to tamper with the soul of anyone he touches. Since the body is dependent on the shape of the soul, the body would be transfigured if Mahito mutated the soul. And since this applied to Mahito too, it was practically impossible to kill or even leave a hint of damage on him.

That was the case until he encountered Yuji Itadori.

The Curse's goal was to eradicate humanity and become the true humans of the earth, and to do that, they would need the help of Ryomen Sukuna, the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer in history. With his power, they would be able to erase human society off the face of the earth.

At the time, however, Yuji Itadori was a vessel for Sukuna, meaning that Mahito would have to force Sukuna into having indefinite control over the boy's body, or at least perpetual whilst working with him.

He had tried once to conquer the boy but had failed thanks to the help of a sorcerer by the name of Nanami Kento, a user of the Ratio Technique. He had him in his grasp, yet that pesky 7:3 Sorcerer took his chance away. Had Mahito dealt with him sooner, Yuji would've been in their possession by now

The next time, he wouldn't miss his chance. Fighting the strongest sorcerer of the modern day, Gojo Satoru, Mahito and his group managed to seal him away in Shibuya, Tokyo. Taking away the Jujutsu Sorcerer's greatest weapon left them all vulnerable to chaos, and that's exactly what Mahito did.

Catching the 7:3 Sorcerer off guard was part of his plan, but he never expected Yuji Itadori to show up at the right time. To Mahito, the soul can be killed more than once, and he would give Yuji his first death by killing Nanami Kento in front of him. Thus, their battle began.

At the same time of their clash, Mahito had been on patrol with a clone of himself and engaged in combat with one of Yuji's friends, Nobara Kugisaki. A Clone is unable to use Idle Transfiguration on others, and thus the two had a short battle, with Mahito fleeing after she gained the upper hand. However, to both their surprise, Mahito led the two down into a subway station and swapped places, allowing him to use Idle Transfiguration on Nobara, killing her and Yuji's soul for a second time.


Power - Essence of the Soul

The Patchface loads into the Trial with 5 tokens, and each token replenishes individually every 2.5 seconds after use.

This power has two forms, a primary ability that launches a mid-range attack, and a secondary ability that creates Clones of Survivors or The Patchface

Primary Power - Soul Multiplicity & Body Repel

Holding down the Power Button [L2] will charge Soul Multiplicity, which takes 1 second for the minimum charge and 3 seconds for the full charge. Once the minimum charge timer is reached, pressing the Attack Button [R2] will cause The Patchface to unleash the latter half, Body Repel. Body Repel sends forth a lengthy and mutated Transfigured Human that covers a distance of 18 meters (Traverses at the speed of a minimum charged Huntress Hatchet with the Rose Root add-on). The Transfigured Human will stop once it reaches the length limit, hits a Survivor, or collides with scenery. A survivor hit by a Transfigured Human will lose 1 health state.

Each stage of Soul Multiplicity will send out an extra Transfigured Human, up to a maximum of 5. The higher the amount of Transfigured Humans launched during Body Repel, the wider the attack spread and height. The speed and range of the attack will also increase by 50% per stage, except for Stage 5 (Rounded to the whole number for distance). If one of the Transfigured Humans collides with scenery, the other Transfigured Humans will also continue to move. The Body Repel attack can also curve, meaning you can turn it with the Joystick or Mouse, though this will not turn your camera simultaneously (similar to Nemesis' Tentacle Strike).

  • Stage 1: 1-second charge, 1 Transfigured Human, 750% of Survivor Sprint speed, 18-meter distance
  • Stage 2: 1.5-second charge, 2 Transfigured Humans, 800% of Survivor Sprint speed, 21-meter distance
  • Stage 3: 2-second charge, 3 Transfigured Humans, 850% of Survivor Sprint speed, 23-meter distance
  • Stage 4: 2.5-second charge, 4 Transfigured Humans, 900% of Survivor Sprint speed, 26-meter distance
  • Stage 5: 3-second charge, 5 Transfigured Humans, 1000% of Survivor Sprint speed, 29-meter distance

While charging Soul Multiplicity, The Patchface will move at 95% Survivor Sprint speed. While charging, you can also cancel the process by releasing the Power Ability button. Missing a Body Repel will always have a 3-second recovery animation where The Patchface moves at 75% movement speed. Each stage will take its respective number of tokens, and the token regeneration will pause during the recovery animation.

Secondary Power: Idle Transfiguration

Transfigured Human, Survivor: While charging Soul Multiplicity, pressing down [L1] will transfigure the Transfigured Human into a Clone of a Survivor that can do a multitude of actions. For example, there are preset action locations where the clone can pretend to work on a Generator, or you can simply press down the button without any preset, creating a Stationary Survivor. You can also hold down the Secondary Ability Button to draw a trail for the Clone to walk across. You can aim the trail in front of you (about 12 meters away), and holding down [L3] will make the clone sprint instead of walk. The maximum distance for the trail is 48 meters. The trail can also curve and the Survivor will walk/sprint down the trail back and forth once.

You can switch the Survivor to sprint or walk without having to hold down [L1], you will just have to charge Soul Multiplicity.

Whenever a Survivor(s) gets in line of sight of a Clone and within 4 meters, the Clone will explode and give The Patchface Killer Instinct on that Survivor(s).

A Cloned Survivor costs 3 tokens, and the Clone will be any random Survivor that is in the Trial.

Transfigured Human, Patchface: While charging Soul Multiplicity, holding down [R1] instead of [L1] will create a stationary or moving Patchface Clone. The Clone can do a variety of tasks, such as lock-on and Chase Survivors, kick Generators, and break Pallets and Breakable Walls, however at a slower pace. The Clone can damage Survivors, however the Clone moves at a reduced pace of 105% Survivor Sprint Speed.

A Patchface Clone costs 5 tokens. If stationary or moving down a trail, the Clone will lock onto a Survivor within its line of sight and chase them. Once it hits a Survivor, the Clone will explode the same way as a Survivor, however it will not grant Killer Instinct.

This will not occur if the Patchface Clone is chosen to perform a separate action, and will instead cost 3 tokens.

Only 3 Clones in total can be present at a time, and the clones will be highlighted in white.


Personal Perks

Futile Hope: The will to fight and survive will always be vanquished by evil

When downing a Survivor, any other Survivors within 16 meters will suffer from a 10/15/20% action speed reduction to all actions until the downed Survivor is healed or unhooked.

Any action performed on the downed Survivor will not be penalized.

"This is war! It's not some fight to correct a mistake, it's a clash of what we believe is right! Of our own flimsy ideas of justice!" - Mahito

Perfected Sadism: You know how to torture your natural enemy, including their very soul and spirit

One random Survivor will become the Obsession.

When starting a chase with the Obsession or any Survivor within 8 meters of the Obsession, this perk activates. Any Survivors within 16 meters when the chase begins will be inflicted with the Exposed status effect. When downing 1 Survivor afflicted by the status effect, The Obsession will receive a permanent 15% reduction penalty for all actions, and this stacks with any future uses of the perk. They will also be afflicted with a 7% hindrance status effect, and become exposed until they become downed. If the chase is ended, they lose the Hindrance status effect.

Afterwards, this perk goes on cooldown for 30 seconds. Any other Survivors that were exposed besides the Obsession return to their normal state.

The downed Survivor cannot be picked up by the killer or get Mori'd, and the Survivor can pick themselves up after 12 seconds or get healed in 6 seconds. If the Obsession switches to another person, that new Obsession will receive half of the current percent of debuffs

"What the hell... What the hell are you, Mahito?!" - Yuji Itadori

Cursed Essence: Your knowledge of human emotion and its essence heightens your prowess

After hooking a Survivor, this perk activates.

Pressing down the Secondary Ability Button [X or A] will create a 32m pocket that produces a Terror Radius as if the Killer was standing there itself. This Terror Radius will last for 30/45/60 seconds and afterwards, this perk deactivates.

You cannot stack uses of this perk if it is active and you hook another Survivor.

"Now, I've finally grasped it... The true essence of my soul! It's true shape!" - Mahito


Mori, Weapon and Lore coming soon

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