Killer Idea: The Puppeteer

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The Puppeteer is a robot that punches survivor with emmence power while the real killer hides behind a screen: Danton Piery. Another idea I came across, I'd like feedback for this one as well


Speed: 4.6m/s

Terror Radius: 40m

Height: Tall

Killer Power:

Brutal Machinery: The Puppeteer starts the trial with two Rush tokens. These tokens have a cooldown of 10 seconds each. Press and hold the Power Button to charge Brutal Machinery (Like Bubba and Billy). While charging Brutal Machinery, his movement speed is reduced to 4.2m/s. It takes 1 second to fully charge Brutal Machinery, once it is fully charge, he dashes forward 8 meters at the speed of 16m/s. Doing this consumes a Rush Token. During the rush of Brutal Machinery, multiple things can happen:

• Whenever The Puppeteer collides with an obstacle (anything in the map) or a Survivor, he damages Survivors 4 meters around him (This can't damage Survivors through walls and pallets).

• Whenever he collides with anything, he stops his dash.

• When his dash ends, he can immediately use his other token to dash an additional 8 meters. He can only chain this dash 1 second after the previous one. During this one second, he moves at 2.0m/s.

• If he doesnt consume his second token during the 1 second or damages a survivor, he stuns himself for 4 seconds (kinda like Deathslinger) and moves at 2.0m/s during this stun.

• At the end of his second dash, he stuns himself for 4 seconds (kinda like Deathslinger) and moves at 2.0m/s, regardless if he damaged a survivor or not.

(Brutal Machinery doesn't break pallets, Brutal Machinery can damage Survivors through windows if The Puppeteer is in front of the window, if he is stunned by a pallet, he still suffers his own stun (meaning he will be stunned twice effectively), when he is charging up Brutal Machinery, he makes a sound que and he has an animation to alert the survivor he is doing this, he has a sound que and animation to let the survivor know when he is stunned)

Mobile Strings:

At the beggining of the trial, this power is on cooldown for 30 seconds. There are multiple Hanging Puppets hanging above near gens around the map, 1 within 16-24 meters of each gen (kinda like Onryo and Alien). The Puppeteer can teleport to any of these Hanging Puppets. When he does this, there is a map wide sound que, and the Hanging Puppet The Puppeteer teleported too starts descending to the ground. It takes 4 seconds to fully teleport and start moving. At the beginning of the teleport, he can see whatever is happening in front of the Hanging Puppet he is teleporting too. This power has a cooldown of 30 seconds. When he uses Mobile strings, he gains 4 seconds of undectable.

Hackable Interface:

When the trial begins, 4 computer stations spawn into the map. The computer stations are off for the first 30 seconds of the trial. After the 30 seconds, all computer stations turn on. Auras of all computer stations that are on are reaveled to all survivors. A survivor can interact with a computer station, if they do, they play a little mini game with 7 steps (exact same as Skull Merchant except its longer where she has 5 steps). When the survivor completes the mini game, The Puppeteer loses all tokens of Brutal Machinery and Mobile Strings goes on cooldown and both Brutal Machinery and Mobile Strings can't recharge and cant be used for 10 seconds. Whenever a survivor completes that mini game, the computer station turns off for 60 seconds.

(If The Puppeteer is in the middle of a teleport or dash when he hacked, he still completes that action, If he is charging Brutal Machinery when he is hacked, he instantly is knocked out of his power)

When a survivor is hacking a computer station, The Puppeteer's screen starts to glitch, indicating to The Puppeteer that he is about to be hacked.


2 Ultra Rare:

Extra Components: The maximum amount of Dash tokens The Puppeteer can have is increased by 1 (Now 3 tokens). He starts the trial with 3 rush tokens instead. Increases the coodown of tokens by 5 seconds (Now 15 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Iridescent Strings: Brutal Machinery can now break dropped pallets, whenever he breaks a pallet with Brutal Machinery, he suffers his own stun immediately. "Lore Text" -Quote

4 Very Rare:

Advanced Radar Detection: Whenever a survivor enters a 10 meter radius of a turned on computer station, they gain killer instinct. "Lore Text" -Quote

Dancing Puppet Module: Whenever The Puppeteer uses Mobile Strings, all other Hanging Puppets descend as well. "Lore Text" -Quote

Broken Cell Phone: Whenever The Puppeteer downs a survivor with Brutal Machinery, reveal the auras of all survivors within 20 meters of all Hanging Puppets for 5 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

PM-9 Coolant: Whenever The Puppeteer is hacked, he gains 3% haste for 10 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

5 Rare:

PM-7 Coolant: Whenever The Puppeteer is hacked, reveal the aura of all survivors for 3 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Hydrolic Wires: Reduces the cooldown from being stunned from Brutal Machinery by 1 second (Now 3 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Bloody Newspaper: Whenever you damage a survivor with Brutal Machinery, they are inflicted with both Hemorrhage and Mangled. "This is inexcusable! I will force people to know my name! Even if I have to carve it into their flesh! They will know Danton Piery!" -Danton Piery

Blooprint- Final Draft: Reduces the amount of computer stations by 1 (Now 3) "Lore Text" -Quote

Anti-virus Chip: Increases the amount of steps with the mini game on the computer stations by 5 steps. (Now 12) "Lore Text" -Quote

5 Uncommon:

PM-5 Coolant: Whenever The Puppeteer is hacked, he gains the Undectable status effect for 10 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Blooprint- Rough Draft: Breaking a pallet immediately gives The Puppeteer 1 rush token. "Lore Text" -Quote

Framed Newspaper: Whenever you damage a survivor with Brutal Machinery, they are inflected with the blindness status effect for 30 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Hacking Detection Device: Increases the amount of steps with the mini game on the computer stations by 3 steps. (Now 10) "Lore Text" -Quote

DX-24 Goggles: Reveal the auras of all Computer Stations. "Lore Text" -Quote

4 Common:

Steel Padding: Reduces the amount of rush tokens by 1 (Now 1). Increases the distance traveled by a rush by 8 meters (Now 16 meters). This addon does nothing if paired with Extra Components. "Lore Text" -Quote

PM-3 Coolant: Whenever The Puppeteer is hacked, he gains 5% vaulting speed and he can break pallets and breakable walls 5% faster for 10 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Ripped Newspaper: Whenever you are charging Brutal Machinery, you lose 5% less speed (Now 4.4m/s). "Lore Text" -Quote

Secured Password: Increases the amount of steps with the mini game on the computer stations by 2 steps. (Now 9). "Lore Text" -Quote


Scourge Hook: Fear The Name:

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. Whenever a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, all other survivors scream, revealing their locations to you for 2/4/6 seconds. Whenever that survivor is unhooked, all other survivors sream, revealing their locations to you for 2/4/6 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Inflated Ego:

Whenever you break a pallet, the entity also breaks another dropped pallet at random. This perk as a cooldown of 90/80/70 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote

Unpredictable Rage:

Whenever you are stunned by 4/3/2 pallets, a survivor is chosen at random. The chosen survivor is exposed for 30 seconds and has their aura revealed for 6 seconds. "Lore Text" -Quote



  • Vithar
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    I really like this concept.

    It could even go wilder like - not teleporting to a puppet, but having several puppets, that can be activated/suspended in this 4 second window (which could be slightly tighter, like 3 seconds).

    The real killer is someone outside, who controls the Brutal Machinery, so having several "puppets" he can switch could be very interesting.

    We would have very unique combo of Blight (dashing machine) Twins (more than one killer, but only one at a time) and Singularity (Suspended puppets, that can observe before being activated)