Anything being disabled as long as the Knight and Nowhere to Hide is not okay.


I get that people don't like Knight, but that doesn't excuse him being disabled for this long. It's just not okay in the slightest. No matter what it is nothing should be disabled for this long. Imagine if this was Adrenaline or Sprint Burst, do you know how mad Survivor players would be? Just because Killer players would be happier doesn't mean those perks should be disabled for weeks because of a bug.

Also I guarantee if this was Blight or Wesker it would have been fixed by now. Hell Wesker DID get fixed super fast when he was disabled.


  • jonifire
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    Maybe they have to decide whether they want to make it a feature on knight.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    The Knight got bugged after the last patch before the Christmas break. If something breaks during those 4 weeks, it won't be fixed until the next update. DBD has a history of some more or less hillarious bugs that were left in the game for that duration because the devs were on their deserved vacation.

    Wesker got fixed super fast, because it was right before a huge event where you could farm tons of BP and because the Devs were not on vacation.

  • Dninja92
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    What i don't get is why nowhere to hide was killswitched. To my understanding it was only a sadako glitch so why not killswitch sadako instead of the perk which is probably affecting more people?