Which of these 6 Major Licenses do you think will be next?

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ANY of these licenses could go next if BHVR adds THESE SIX LICENSES. One of which could be:

Poll 1: Friday The 13 - Jason Voorhees ("The Slasher" or "The Revenant"), Tommy Jarvis and Camp Crystal Lake. With Pamela as a set for Legion, and Tina Shepard as a set for Tommy. Either FvJ or Part 3 Jason as base set is fine by me.

Poll 2: Stranger Things Part 2 - VECNA (The Curse), Jim Hopper and Robin Buckley (Makes the most sense IMO), and either the Rainbow Room or the Creed House / Upside-Down as the new Hawkings Map. Hopper's sets: Murray Bauman, Bob Newby and Dmitri Antonov. Robin's sets: Joyce Byers and Max Mayfield (Personally, I think Eleven should be her own Survivor.) New sets for Steve: Argyle, and Billy. Dredge can be The Mind Flayer, unless BHVR wants him to be his own Killer, or he could be incorporated to Vecna's Power. If Billy doesn't seem canon as a Survivor, he could also be a set for Vecna.

Poll 3: Five Nights at Freddy's - Springtrap (The Attraction), Mike Schmidt (Michael Afton) and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza / Fazbear's Fright for the Map. I'd say it'd be the perfect representation for a FNAF Chapter. Springtrap's VR Sets can Scraptrap and Purple Bonnie, and his Legendaries can be any other Animatronic that could work, specifically Freddy Fazbear himself. It'd be fun if some other Killers and Survivors had Fnaf cosmetics as well. They could do masks. Dwight can wear a Freddy mask, Meg can be Foxy, Claudette Chica, and Jake Bonnie. Legion could also get some Fnaf masks. The rest could wear Fnaf shirts. And Clown can be Balloon Boy, with Artist as The Puppet. BHVR could be making some RESIDENT EVIL level cosmetic money right now, but it's STILL not here... Maybe one day.

Poll 4: Candyman - All we need, is Tony Todd as Candyman. Unless you'd also wanna throw in Helen Lyle as a Survivor, otherwise she could also be a Legendary for Candyman, as Candywoman. Or she could have it both ways. There's no map needed, just Candy and Helen, or at least just Candyman himself will be enough.

Poll 5: The Walking Dead - Whether it'd be based on the TV Show, or the Comics/Games. Preferably, I'd like to see Lee, Clementine, Glenn and Daryl all in the same game, that's why I think they should borrow the license from Robert Kirkman himself, like they did with the author of Ringu. Not sure if that's now it works, but it'd be good idea IMO. (And if they do: INVINCIBLE Collab!!!! That is, if BHVR makes a Supe Killer.) The easiest, simplest way I'd think they ought to do this is: Negan (The Savior) even though he's good later on, Rick Grimes and Clementine, and either Alexandria or The Sanctuary as the Map. Rick's sets: Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Shane Walsh, Michonne Hawthorne, Maggie Green, Carol and Morgan. Clementine's sets: Lee Everett, Kenny, Carly, Louis, Violet, Carl Grimes (Comics), Sophie (Also Comics), and Lilly (If you like her, for some reason.) Sets for Negan can probably be Beta and The Governor. Governor could be a set for Spirit, if they want. They could also give Legion an Alpha set. I doubt any of this will ever come true, but surely, they'd make the TWD community proud.

Poll 6: PREDATOR - Easily, you could just add Predator, and that'll make money. IMO, a good chapter would be The Predator and Major Alex 'Dutch' Schaefer played by Arnold from the first movie, and there's also Naru from Hulu's "PREY" prequel. I doubt there's any need for a Map, considering the Red Forest map rework, but if you must, then simply, I'd recommend a representation of the Jungle from the first film, making it look AS close to it as possible, it could even be part of the Red Forest realm, like Nostromo with the DVarka Deepwood Realm.

But yeah, these are the FEW MAJOR TITLES remaining that could come next, so which do you think that could be? And on top of that, what's next when all of these are obtained. I imagine it'll be at the level of Alan Wake and Left 4 Dead. They could do The Shining, The Thing, The Grudge, really any THE titles that are popular/underrated. They could do The 9th Circle (Terrifier), Hatchet, Puppet Master, Phantasm, Amnesia, BioShock, perhaps even SLENDER or even SCP, Backrooms or Lethal Company; if they want, they could move to less scary titles that could still sell, like Scooby-Doo, Gremlins, Terminator, The Boys, Batman, Venom, Ghostbusters etc. They could also revisit older chapters, or redo them. We could see another RE collab with the Winter's Saga, Army of Darkness could be added in, and BHVR will probably have enought to finally get Dream Warriors (OG Freddy and Nancy Thompson), hopefully then we'll finally get OG Freddy with voice lines and a better Power rework, preferably revolving around the OG Power from his first release. But with all of that clutter out the way, which do you think will come next...?

Which of these 6 Major Licenses do you think will be next? 17 votes

Friday The 13th
D34D_B34TB0X 1 vote
aeonskulfrankmorrisonsDepressedlegionSkillfulstoneAstel 5 votes
Five Nights At Freddy's
ChordycepsScary_Punk_GhostkinupssTheSingularityjonifire 5 votes
Smoe 1 vote
The Walking Dead
FoxmareTommyDorkelson 2 votes
Dhurl421Alex_ares_theos7 3 votes
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    After Alien it's just really a matter of time for Predator and I think 20th Century Fox was probably impressed with Alien so they probably Green Lit Predator very fast.