New Killer: The Puppeteer

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I apologize in advance for my poor English. I am not proficient in writing English, so I used a translator. However, reading is not a problem for me!

Brief Overview of the Story:

The Puppeteer is a master of strings, reveling in taking control and letting his game unfold as he pleases. Recently, the laughter of people is no longer enough for him, and he enjoys instilling fear in them.

Killer's Abilities:

The killer, much like a puppeteer, is not directly in the game. Instead, he has a selection of different helpers he can switch between as he pleases.

The puppets are scattered across the map as piles without hitboxes.

He can choose which puppet to control using controls, and each puppet has a unique ability, adapting to different situations.

Regardless of the puppet being controlled, he can summon another puppet to his current position, and it will run from its current location to the summoned position and lie down there again.

Types of Puppets:

  • The Leaper
  • :A puppet with spring legs that can jump over various objects. The ability needs to be charged with the left mouse button. It jumps over walls, similar to the Nurse's teleport, but it always attacks from above. (Speed: Slowest puppet)

  • The Spider-Human:
  • A puppet resembling a spider-human that shoots threads in one direction and quickly pulls itself in that direction. The pull can be interrupted by pressing a button to stop at that location. (Speed like Blight)

  • The Mutilator:
  • A puppet that can throw parts of its body to inflict damage. Parts remain where they land, and if a survivor runs through, the killer instinct is displayed, and their speed is briefly reduced. The killer retrieves body parts by running through them or after a certain time. (Speed like Huntress)


  • Puppet Swap:
  • Each time a survivor is hooked, the positions of two survivors are swapped.

  • String Pull:
  • When a survivor is injured by a basic attack, a string is attached. This string affects speed based on the distance to the killer. The distance is calculated as if the survivor had pulled a string.

  • Tension Threads:
  • When a generator is kicked, a thread is simultaneously placed. Upon opening a locker, the killer attaches all threads to the door, and when slamming it shut, survivors working on gens with threads are pulled a bit, causing the generator to explode like a failed skill check. Each survivor pulled from the gen briefly screams.

Additional Information:

The killer is flexible in playstyle due to the different puppets, adapting to various situations. However, he cannot immediately use different abilities on the spot and needs to switch puppets. The summoned puppets can be brought to where he needs them by calling them, but this takes some time. Survivors can choose to continue using that location or quickly move to the next position.

The perks are designed to offer a combination of generator slowdown, tracking for chases, and confusion to create a foundational skill set.

Regarding addons, specific ideas for quicker movement to summoned puppet locations, terror radius on summoned puppets, faster ability recharge, and potential enhancements are not detailed here.


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    I've already seen the concept with the same name (I thought I have deja vu), but your mechanics way better fits the Puppeter's theme.

    I really like the idea of three different puppets and tricky perks, although – "String Pull" and "Tension Threads" might need a bit clarification to how their work.

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    I'm sorry, poorly translated by the translator.

    String Pull:

    In an attack, a cord is attached to the survivor. This cord is linked to both the killer and the survivor. The further the survivor is from the killer (distance traveled), the slower they become. When the survivor reaches a certain cord length, it snaps, giving the survivor a speed boost as if they were struck. The cord also breaks when the killer makes an attack, regardless of whether it's a special, normal, or missed attack.

    Tension Threads:

    When the killer damages one or more generators, a cord is attached to them. When the killer approaches a locker, they attach the cord to the door, and when they slam the doors shut, all survivors within, for instance, 1 meter of the generators with cords are pulled away. When this happens, the generator being worked on explodes as if a skill check failed, the survivor screams in terror, triggering a killer instinct.

  • Vithar
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    Ah, that's how they work. Thanks.

    String pull is a bit tricky to use. It probably encourages losing the killer through tight loops, as if you try long run – it may catch up faster cause of building up hinder, but if you manage to lose a killer in a tight loop, and then rush the distance – you may escape more easily because of second speed boost you've gained – nice one. Probably too complex to be meta – but it's interesting perk.

    Tension threads are perfect to temper sneaky gen rushing survivors. After the changes in kicking this one might be very useful addition to killer's tools of the trade.

    Overall – good perks