The suggestion of a new killer in Dead by Daylight.

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Hello! I want to apologize in advance for possible errors in the text, English is not my native language. We have come up with and fully painted a new killer, all his improvements, abilities, story, perks. We kindly ask you to consider it, we have put our soul into it).

The watchmaker. His real name is Matthew Screamland.

Appearance- average height, slightly above the ghost face and slightly below the cannibal. A white man. Black jacket, black shirt, blue tie. Light stubble, trousers, shoes, bowler hat. Exactly half of the face is disfigured and bloody, with glass fragments sticking out of many places. The eye on the disfigured side of the face is blind, blood is oozing out of it. The other half is clean and beautiful, the eye is intact. Black hair, sad, depressed face, slightly stooped back. He looks around uncertainly, shifting from one foot to the other.

Height Is Average

The Difficulty Is High

Speed- 4.6 m/s

The radius of terror is 32 meters

The weapon is a gold watch on a chain, which the watchmaker turns when walking. The clock is not ticking. The time stands at 16:15. The second hand loops back and forth between 16:14:59 and 16:15:00. There is no glass - all that remains of it is on the right side of the watchmaker's face.

The gait is nothing special. He turns the clock with his right hand, the left one is lowered. Does not limp, does not run. He is walking confidently- not too fast and not too slow.

The voice is a man's, rather high-pitched voice. Very tired and exhausted. Not rough and not bassy. Not a growl, not a squeal, not a growl. An ordinary human voice. Hisses.


He swings powerfully before hitting. During a lunge attack, he begins to swing the watch very quickly.

After the stroke, he brings the watch to his face and adjusts the hour hand with the finger of his left hand.

When stunned, the watch is accidentally wound around his hand and he unwinds it.

He breaks boards and doors with his foot.

The generator harms by hitting it three times with a clock from several sides.

He enters the window as standard, having previously wound his watch on his right hand, and then unwound it, which does not take much time.

The Time Paradox ability-"

Time is the most dangerous weapon. To whom time is subject, death is subject."

The watchmaker uses his pocket watch to move through the time continuum. If the watchmaker watches the survivor for 3 seconds without interruption, then the effect of "take care of your time" is applied to the survivor. During this effect, the survivor's terror radius of the watchmaker is replaced by the constant ticking of the clock, which accelerates as the killer approaches.

After that, for the entire time that this effect is acting on the survivor, the watchmaker can use the "time paradox" on him.To use it, the killer does not have to look at the survivor continuously- it is enough to look at him only at the beginning of using the ability. During use, the killer lifts the watch to his face and begins to turn the minute hand, making about half a turn. The survivor starts to rewind in time for 5 seconds. If at that time he was repairing the generator, all the progress brought by the visionary will be transferred to regression. If at this time the survivor was treating himself or another survivor, regression also begins. If at this time the survivor passed the reaction test, it appears again and begins to spin in the opposite direction. If he threw off the board or jumped over the window, the board gets back up and the survivor jumps back through the window. There is a complete rewind in time, which affects only one survivor. After use, the watchmaker adjusts the clock hand for 1 second, and the survivor's control completely breaks down - he cannot run, quickly climb over windows and jump over boards for 3 seconds. That is, in total, the "time paradox" affects the survivor for 8 seconds. If you hit a survivor while rewinding, the Watchmaker will start a recharge animation, and nothing will change for the survivor (except that he will be injured or lying down). After the end of the rewind, the survivor will get hit or fall. If the survivor gets hit during a broken control, then everything will instantly return to its place.

If the watchmaker imposed the "take care of your time" effect on the survivor, but did not use the "time paradox", then the survivor can get rid of the effect by using a time pendulum. There are 4 of them and they are in special boxes at different ends of the map. The survivor opens the box, takes out the pendulum and violently smashes it. At this time, the sound of Big Ben hitting the entire map is heard, the effect is removed from the survivor, and the watchmaker is stunned for 5 seconds (wherever he is on the map).

THE SPECIAL ABILITY is 12 strikes.

Using the "time paradox" on the survivor, the watchmaker knocks down the course of the time continuum and in some way subordinates it to himself. If the "time paradox" was used on all 4 survivors at least once, the watchmaker can use a special ability. He brings the watch to his face and starts turning the minute hand. At this time, his hoarse laughter can be heard all over the map and Big Ben's beats begin to sound. 1 beat per second, 12 beats in total. At this time, all survivors are transported back 12 seconds. All generators repaired at this time are also subject to regression. All the boards thrown off at this time rise. After that, the survivors also cannot quickly jump over boards and windows for 5 seconds, but they will be able to repair generators normally. After using the ability, the watchmaker adjusts the arrow for 1 second.



1. Clock gears- slightly reduces the time required to correct the clock hand after using the "time paradox".

2. Lubrication for the minute hand- slightly reduces the time required to correct the clock hand after using the "12 strokes".

3. New arrows- slightly reduces the stun time after destroying one of the temporary pendulums.

4. Chain Lubricant- Slightly increases the regression of repair/breaking/healing/gate opening/cleansing/searching during the use of the "time paradox".


1. Stamp with the image of Big Ben- slightly reduces the stun time after the destruction of one of the temporary pendulums.

2. Stamp with the image of the Queen- slightly reduces the radius of terror of the Watchmaker for survivors who have the effect of "take care of your time".

3. The stamp with the image of the bus- slightly reduces the time required to correct the clock hand after using the "time paradox".

4. The stamp with the image of the bridge- slightly reduces the preparation time for the use of "12 strokes".


1. The figure of the bashful- moderately increases the time of confusion of the survivor after using the "time paradox".

2. Tape with the wife's voice- significantly reduces the time required to correct the arrow after using the "time paradox".

3. Elegant monocle- moderately reduces the time required to observe a survivor in order to apply the "take care of your time" effect on him.

4. Grandfather's cylinder- moderately increases the regression of repair/breaking/healing/gate opening/cleansing/searching during the use of the "time paradox".


1. A business lunch at a roadside cafe- significantly reduces the radius of terror of the Watchmaker for survivors, on whom the effect of "take care of your time" is imposed.

2. The keys to the grandfather's car- After being hit by the basic attack of the survivors with the superimposed "take care of your time" effect, the "deep wound" effect is superimposed on them.

3. Grandpa's lighter - when using the "time paradox", rewinding applies not only to the marked survivor, but also to all survivors with the effect of "take care of your time" within a radius of 32 meters.

4. Photos with my wife and grandfather- extremely reduces the observation time required to apply the "take care of your time" effect.


1. Wife's wristwatch - during the use of "12 strokes", the "Blindness" effect is applied to all survivors, and the "Weakening" effect is also applied to the wounded.

2. Grandfather's Hourglass - If the survivor threw off or jumped over the board or climbed over the window before rewinding, after rewinding the window is blocked for 20 seconds, the board breaks instead of lifting.

Memento mori- 

 The watchmaker approaches the lying survivor from behind, covers his neck with a chain and begins to strangle him. At this time, he brings a watch to the survivor's face and defiantly violently twists the hour hand. The survivor begins to scream, his body progressively dries up and after 2-3 seconds the survivor turns into a lifeless skeleton. After that, the watchmaker stands up and scrolls the arrow back, at this time saying the phrase written above. The survivor remains lying in the form of a skeleton.


1. Drying up.

If the survivor throws off the board, while stunning you, then the "Drying Up" timer starts. 45/40/35 seconds after dropping, the board will break automatically.

"I don't recognize him. He became depressed and resentful of life. I've noticed several times how he interacted with inanimate objects. He conveyed something to them and seriously thought that they would understand, support, and hear him." ©Rebecca Screamland. 

 2. Spoilage: I'm not done yet!

After the survivors start the last generator, the curse will fall on the dim totem, if there is one on the map. After that, the skill is activated. If the gate is open by more than 80%, hitting any of the survivors with a basic attack will open it automatically. In addition, if the gate is open, each base attack hit on any of the survivors will reduce the time it takes for the survivors to escape (collapse) by 15/20/25 seconds. At the same time, each hanging on a hook reduces this time by 30 seconds.

"He's chasing without seeing what. Trying to climb higher without seeing the top. He tries to master it, not knowing the gravity. I've never been against abnormal single-mindedness, but this..." © Sir Jeremy Screamland

3. Yes, I have time. 

 After any survivor is in a near-death state (in any way), you get a token (max up to 4). After you damage the generator, all tokens will be spent. For each spent token, the generator is damaged by 6/9/11%. If you have 2 or more tokens, you can damage the generator, which is already undergoing regression.

This will not affect the process and the speed of regression in any way, it will only reduce progress.

"I'm not in a hurry, I'm saving myself. From a painful death. I don't want to die realizing that I existed in vain." ©Matthew Screamland


Throughout his youth, Matthew Screamland lived with Jeremy Scremmland, who was Matthew's grandfather. After graduating from high school, Matthew began working at the train station. He announced the incoming and outgoing trains. After getting married, Matthew considered his life to be the highest grace. The Second World War began and after leaving for the front, Matthew's life changed. He went through many horrors and fell into the deepest form of depression. He became restless, apprehensive and distrustful. Throughout his post-war life, Matthew saw only gunshots, mountains of corpses and rivers of blood. He was subconsciously waiting for the end.

Every day, walking alone on the Thames pavement, Matthew checked his gold watch with Big Ben. The timing was always right, but the fact of checking gave Matthew pleasure.

And so, on December 11, 1951, Matthew, walking along the pavement as usual, decided to check his watch. In the distance, the usual gunfights could be heard - post-war riots and armed conflicts were a common daily occurrence.

The watch, as luck would have it, got tangled on his hand and Matthew began to untie it. The roar of the engine, the siren, the shots-they were getting closer. Matthew, regardless of the outside noise, raised his watch to his face and checked it against Big Ben. Quarter past four, a great time to leave beautifully. It was as if Matthew himself was going to his death, not looking back at fear.

One of the bandits, shooting at a police car, accidentally hit the railing of the pavement. Matthew saw how the bullet ricocheted, hit exactly at the clock, causing fragments from the glass lid to fly in all directions. Matthew thought he felt them on the right side of his face. But then he saw the darkness in one eye. The second one did not take long. He saw only fog, laughter. He felt no fear. Matthew was hungry.

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