Killer "The Kitsune" A shape changing Kitsune

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Event: Keep Your Enemies Closer Killer: The Kitsune (Real Name - Kitzumii Guuzou)



Press the Power Button to enter Kix no Ashi. Press it again to revert back. While in Kix no Ashi, The Kitsune turns into her fox spirit form. In this form she has the following effects:

  • 25% FoV increase
  • Base speed of 4.8 m/s
  • Cannot read auras or see Killers Instincts
  • Has her Terror Radius range increased by 12 meters
  • Has her Basic Attack replaced by Kiri no Otoko

This form lasts 30 seconds, with a 30 second cool down when she reverts to her original form


While in Kix no Ashi, The Kitsune has access to the charged Kiri no Otoko ability, allowing her to rush forwards and hit a survivor. A hit survivor is grappled to the ground and becomes enveloped by a cloud of orange smoke with The Kitsune, causing the survivor to lose one health state and gain Endurance for half the duration of Henshin. Missing causes a large stun


When The Kitsune hits a survivor with Kiri no Otoko, her form transforms into that of the survivors. It is a near exact replica with the following effects:

  • She does not carry any item they are carrying
  • There is a bright Kitsune mask attached to her back
  • She has a base speed of 4.2m/s but moves at 4.6 m/s in chase
  • She sings a song that can be heard from a distance, but her terror radius shrinks to 8 meters
  • Her Red Stain is hidden
  • If she hit the survivor whose form you're using during Henshin, the form ends early, and you are stunned for a short duration
  • This form lasts 60 seconds, or until the Power Button is pressed again.


  • The song she hums is (Kitsune Village) and it can be heard up to 48 meters away, keeping a constant sound no matter how far she is. And when she enters chase, Kumi-daiko begins playing as her illusion gains fox whiskers and her stance changes to more predatory like
  • The grapple from Kagami no Hito is similar to The Mastermind except it only pushes the survivor a short distance as The Kitsune grabs them, somersaults with them in her arms as smoke envelops them, and as the smoke disappears the two appear nearly identical to each other standing. The rush distance is 6 meters and the stun for missing is 2 seconds
  • While transformed, The Kitsune is always in the running animation and when m1’ing, generator, or pallet kicking the illusion breaks temporarily as a fox claw comes out
  • FoV returns to normal when exiting Kix no Ashi


Hex - Mischievous Laugh: A hex rooting its power in anxiety.

  • At the start of a trial, this perk lights 2 Dull Totems
  • Laughter echoes around all survivors, as if it's mocking them. While active, the aura of this hex is highlighted in yellow and the size of your Terror Radius and any songs are 75/150/200% bigger and their volume are 50/75/100% louder as laughter is mixed with your chase music.
  • If you are in range to snuff a boon totem when standing next to this hex, you can temporarily snuff this hex, giving this perk one token and removing its effects. You can use this token to go to a Dull Totem and relight this hex.
  • While this hex is active, any add ons and perks that change your Terror Radius size are disabled
  • All effects of the hex perk persist until both hexes are either cleansed or blessed

(Note: The Undetectable status can still be used with this hex. Killer abilities that rely on terror radius are not affected by this hex, but other add-ons and perks being suppressed will still affect the killer's abilities as if they were not suppressed. Example: A legion with Distressing would still get the boost to his Feral Frenzy's Killer Instinct range from the Distressing perk, but the actual range of his Terror Radius will only be affected by this hex)

Hex - Puppeteered Soul: A hex rooting its power in betrayal.

  • At the start of a trial, this perk lights 1 Dull Totem.
  • Each time you hit a survivor, other than your Obsession, Puppeteered Soul gains 1 token, up to a maximum of 8
  • Each token stacks to cause the auras of all survivors to be revealed within 1/2/3 meters of the Obsession when you can see the obsession's aura, up to a maximum of 8/16/24 meters
  • Each token stacks to cause the Obsessions aura to be revealed when they're 4/5/6 meters from the killer, up to a maximum of 32/40/48 meters
  • Each time you hit the Obsession, this perk loses up to 3 tokens
  • Whenever this perk reaches 8 tokens, the first time you hit the Obsession after obtaining the 8 tokens will result in only 1 token being lost
  • All effects of the hex perk persist until the hex is either cleansed or blessed

Nine Tails: As time goes on, so does your experience and how you can apply it. You start the trial with 0 tokens on this perk, gaining 1 for every 120/90/60 seconds that pass, up to a maximum of 9.

  • The following buffs stack per token:
    • 1.5% vault speed
    • 1.5% pallet breaking speed
    • 1.5% generator kicking speed
    • 1.5% faster recovery from Blindness and Stunned

Add Ons:

One Tail (Brown): The cooldown for Kix no Ashi is decreased by 8 seconds when it ends

Toothy Grin (Brown): Your Terror Radius while within Henshin is decreased by 1 meter

Wood Mask (Brown): When you transform with Kiri no Otoko, you will also be holding any item the survivor you transformed into was holding

Kanzashi (Brown): While in Henshin, the Kitsune Mask on your back no longer glows

Three Tails (Yellow): Your Kix no Ashi dash distance is increased by 2 meters

Mischievous Smirk (Yellow): The range of your song extends 12 more meters

Bamboo Mask (Yellow): When you transform with Kiri no Otoko, you will appear as the current health state of the survivor whos form you have

Geta (Yellow): While in Henshin, your base speed becomes 4.4 m/s in both walking and chase

Five Tails (Green): The stun after missing Kiri no Otoko is 1 second faster

Malevolent Smile (Green): Your song while in Henshin is also sung while in Kix no Ashi. You gain 50% more bloodpoints in the Deviousness category

Obi (Green): While you are in Henshin, anytime survivors would normally read the auras of other survivors, your aura is also shown amongst them for the duration

Kimono (Purple): Whenever you hit a survivor, they have a Kitsune Mask put on their back for 30 seconds

Eerie Chuckle (Purple): The survivor whose form you're borrowing also hums your song

Seven Tails (Purple): When you hit a survivor with Kiri no Otoko and transform, you transform into a random survivor left alive in the trial.

  • (Note: the hit survivor is still the one left with Endurance and ends the form early if hit)

Oshiroi (Purple): You can now perform the "Point" and "Come Here" animations, and the animations for you kicking a generator is that of a survivor repairing a generator

Porcelain Mask (Iridescent): You can no longer exit Henshin early by pressing Power Button. You now gain access to the following abilities:

  • By pressing the Activate Ability button you gain the ability to use the survivor running animation and move at 4.4 m/s (4.6 m/s in chase)
  • Your walking speed becomes 2.75 m/s and you now have the survivor walking animation
  • By pressing Power Button, you can use the survivor crouch animation and move at 1.5 m/s

Nine Tails (Iridescent): You begin the trial in Kix no Ashi. For the remainder of the trial, your Kix no Ashi form will not have a time limit


Lands of honor, rice, geisha, lords, and beautiful scenery. Japan, shortly before a time of situational strife as the emperor will call to action the use of his people to drastically increase their technological prowess to catch up with the growing countries around them in 1941. To this, a time of eagerness and stress is the perfect breeding ground for trickery and cunning. A geisha, so beautiful and enchanting, a woman poised and innocent in appearance, someone any governor would lay their life for, a stunning lady for all to behold. This is the perfect person to lure in those with hearts of greed, lust, and power. And that is just what happens. Kitzumii Guuzou, or at least is the name she is using, is a Kitzune who used her yokai powers to transform her body into one of the most enchanting geishas in all the lands. This was not for personal benefit, as it may be apparent, but for the use of corrupting her target. Kegareta kokoro. A governor's son who recently came into power, both wrecked with grief from the recent passing of his father and filled with such bitterness throughout his life by the greed-blinded disgust for the emperor of revoking merely the title of Daimyō and changing all the noble peoples positions as governors during the Meiji restoration. This change didn't diminish power in any way or form. Kegareta simply wanted things not too change.

The perfect target. A brat with power.

Kitzumii worked her way into Kegereta’s life by offering her services whilst he was drunk, as he most of the time is when night falls. She pleased him, took care of him, guided him, and basically became such a crutch to this worthless shell of a man that she might as well become him. But that's no fun. The thrill and sadistic satisfaction of toying with such a pathetic whelp, while still viewing the effects of what his title holds is such euphoria. Eventually, time came when Kitzumii began growing bored of such small antics. Causing instability in the marketplaces, overusing the crop fields to diminish the land's food sources, causing neighboring governors to begin rejecting all forms of communications with this part of the country. It was just the same old same old. Finally, she caught sight of the note from the Emperor himself. A call to arms in the progression of Japanese technology. Oh, the ideas, the joy, the intrigue, the desire to cause as much deviousness her mind could muster.

She begins straight away in fixing up Kegereta’s people, forcing the whining snot to actually act like a governor for once with a little bit of pleasure and pity. He began regaining connections to the other governors, the people spoke no Ill will for once in months, and Governor Kegereta was all falling for it like Sakura petals in the wind. Fully thinking all was his doing and thinking, he hung on Kitzumii’s every word and whim after her gifts to him and claimed all the praises and credit for himself from the country. The sudden rise of power came in full swing when a letter from the emperor came to ask that Kegereta be put in charge of military progression of the Navy and Air sorces. That night, Kitzumii's eyes filled with greedy wrath as she continued babying Kegereta.

She kept this note hidden from the man baby, as he's never once written or read a single one of the letters addressed to him, just as he gives as much care as all of his other duties that are not in person. He merely says what Kitzumii tells him to and cry's a little to get something out of it. This set forth the ultimate position of power. Kitzumii began writing up orders and schedules that combined the two armed branches as her snot tot continued discussing business with the other governors during the day. This is where the chaos ensued. She made sure letters were delivered to specific peoples at specific times, and such large quantities to separate people of similar stations. Project managers stopped talking with technicians on what projects needed to be done. Engineers were ordering supplies all at once in bulk for designs that were hastily done. The lands were having their people ripped from their homes to supply the manpower for builds no one knew were actually going to be. The governors were frantically trying to figure out where the problems were coming from. All was beautiful and happening in a chaotic symphony with Kitzumii at the conductor's podium. Keeping all at a lightning pace, with nothing actually getting done, but keeping it orderly enough to not cause total collapse.

Finally, the problem became too much. The powers of the world were at war, and Japan finds themselves in the clutches of near poverty and lack of recourse. The emperor was forced to join Germany and demands what has been completed from Kitzumii's mess to be sent out. What comes next is horrific. The bombing of Pearl harbor. Kitzumii laughs and cackles at the thought of her kamikaze bombers giving up their lives for the “honor of their country” that would never have been needed in the first place. The visualization of surprise on the American and native peoples faces as Hawaii becomes a war-torn place. Oh! The ecstasy Kitzumii felt was unreal. As she continues her demented fantasies, a knock comes at her room's door in the palace. She quickly forms into her Geisha get up and invites whoever in. It is Kegareta. There for his usual nightly routine. Something has changed though. Kitzumii's eyes flash red with rage. The thoughts of soldiers on the battlefield field her with such glee and love. But this fat sack of man before her wretches at her gut and makes her want to rip her stomach out with disgust. This man child, who gave her all the room she needed for such atrocities, is now seen as just a dead-beat pig in her eyes. A disgusting vile piece of flesh who's only thought of comfort being that of the flesh and drink. A sack of washed up and pitiful vile that disgraces the good works of his fathers and mothers before him. She has had enough.

Kegereta walks forward, drunker than a sake house, and reaches out for Kitzumii. Before his hand reaches her, she swivels around behind him and shoves him to the window. Even drunk, there is an immediate sense of fear within him as a tear rolls down the fat sacks of his face. This causes a quick smirk in Kitzumii, quickly followed by a large puff of swirling orange smoke around her. Before Kaereta now sits a giant nine tailed fox, snarling at him with eyes of death itself. A sudden jerk of his belly to run and the sound of a growl. It's already over. He died before even hitting the ground. His lard filled head is nothing, but bean paste on the wall as Kitzumii licks her paw and teeth. She then shivers. Why? She looks around and sees no one, smells no one, hears no one, but still feels a presence. It's then she notices, a black mist coming from the now decapitated neck of Kegereta. It's inviting. It's intriguing. Its powerful. At first Kitzumii doesn't do a thing and considers running, but she then feels a familiar power to her. Spiritual energy begins emanating from the mist. The same energy that is usually only found in the yokai realm. Suddenly, it surrounds her. Filling Kitzumii with such invigoration and ecstasy that she forgets all about the lives of men and women she has wasted. It dies down after a short burst. The mist begins growing, and eventually becomes something of a tunnel for her to walk through, and there isn't even a moment of thought against it. Kitzumii breaks her fox form back into a Geisha and walks through, arms extended to welcome more of the yokai energy to her. As she enters the mist closes around her, and the room becomes completely empty. The only thing left now is the body of a drunken pig.