Do you think Freddy Krueger should be reverted back to his old Power?

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Do you think Freddy Krueger should be reverted back to his old Power? 29 votes

Yes, but make him stronger.
OnryosTapeRentalsBlueberryGeneralVJustAShadowglitchboiAlex_StarrseedMechWarrior3CorvusCorax86DepressedlegionTheSingularityAstelmahiroaares_theos7 14 votes
Yes, but keep the Fake Pallets and/or Dream Snares.
NickMilianNAERUUUDontyodelsohardjonifireFoxmare 5 votes
Yes, to both Polls 1 and 2.
aeonskulGhouled_MojoFilthyLegionRevival 3 votes
It depends.
Marc_go_soloGuiltiiArchol123SteakdabaitBlueMoonBRUHMOMENT 5 votes
Not really, I like him where he's at.
Science_GuySmoe 2 votes


  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Member Posts: 1,260
    Yes, but make him stronger.


  • glitchboi
    glitchboi Member Posts: 5,727
    Yes, but make him stronger.

    Don't keep snares but keep the generator teleport and maybe dream pallets as an add-on. The visuals of snares are awful and they are literally just clown bottles but harder to force survivors into, so just drop them completely. @GeneralV has a really good concept on a Freddy rework that consists of both old and current Freddy's kit!

    Teleporting to generators and then pulling those pesky survivors into the dream world would be sick as hell.

  • Smoe
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    edited January 30
    Not really, I like him where he's at.

    Absolutely never wanna see old freddy again.

    He should stay buried with the rest of old dbd.

  • ares_theos7
    ares_theos7 Member Posts: 20
    Yes, but make him stronger.

    He's just boring and weak right now, but with his old more fun power with a number of buffs would be so cool.

  • Science_Guy
    Science_Guy Member Posts: 1,924
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    Not really, I like him where he's at.

    Why does the only "No" option also have to say current Freddy is fine? Everyone knows he's terrible as is.

    I've noticed some major rose-colored glasses around old Freddy lately, even more than usual. OG Freddy was dumpstered for a reason and needs to stay that way.

  • Blueberry
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    edited February 17
    Yes, but make him stronger.

    The original Freddy actually had uniqueness. He didn’t need a complete rework. Some small tweaks and buffs was all he needed.

    Reworked Freddy is just a copy pasta of other killers.

  • Steakdabait
    Steakdabait Member Posts: 1,207
    It depends.

    i wouldn't mind seeing it tried but it may end up with the exact same issue with he was EXTREMELY oppressive vs weak players but literal trash vs ppl who knows how he worked

  • BlightedTrapper
    BlightedTrapper Member Posts: 220

    I think he just needs another complete rework. Old Freddy was inherently flawed, and new Freddy is just boring.

  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 641
    Yes, but make him stronger.

    I want old Freddy back but enchanced in a way that is fair for killer and survivor. I’m no expert on Freddy but I support @GeneralV ideas. 💕